Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Trincomalee & Jaffna Districts Daily Situation Report #12

General situation

On 16th August, humanitarian activity was hampered as a harthal (general shutdown) was in force in the following districts: Ampara, Batticaloa and Trincomalee.

UNICEF reports for the month of July 2006 45 cases of under age recruitment and six releases.


I. Situation up-date

There has been continued, but far less, artillery shelling from Trincomalee in recent days.

There are now reportedly 52,501 IDPs spread across 58 sites in Trincomalee district.

II. Sector response

Camp management

An assessment report is being prepared of the two new potential sites at Al Rahuf play ground and Vattukachi School in Kanthale, which could accommodate approximately 600 IDP families.

IDPs families have been relocated from St Joseph College to Anpupelipuram Kalaimagal Vidyalaya and Cultural Hall.


Agencies have been requested to forward what they have distributed to the NFRI focal point thus far by the 17th August to help identify possible gaps and duplication.

People in Need (PIN) have conducted an initial assessment of what assistance might be provided to IDPs living in host families for whom there has so far been less assistance.


Regular Watsan meetings are now taking place at the division level with all local and international NGOs to coordinate activities at the field level.

Water testing by UNICEF has revealed that in 3 out of 7 IDP sites in Kinniya bacteriological contamination of the drinking water supply has occurred.


The Minister of Health (MoH) from Colombo visited Kanthale to see how the response in the health sector had developed.

The field hospital now has water and electricity and is expected to open Friday.

The MoH is in the process of bringing in extra medical staff, who will rotate on a seven day basis from other districts.

JAFFNA and KILINOCHCHI were not able to send out inputs before closure of this edition.


In view of the present situation, some NGOs are moving out as a temporary measure and base themselves in Colombo or Ampara with the intention to monitor the situation in Batticaloa. The NGOs concerned at the moment are Terre des Hommes, Handicap International, Help from Germany and Arche Nova

UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF, IOM and OCHA will meet the GA on 17th August to negotiate access restricted after a shooting incident near a Sri Lanka Army checkpoint on 15th August