Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Trincomalee District Daily Situation Report # 5

I. Situation up-date
The Sri Lankan Army (SLA) has continued its military offensive to secure the Mavilaru sluice gate closed on the 20th July. SLA artillery shelling from Trincomalee town continues daily.

Insecurity in Muttur, Seruvila and Eachchilampattai divisions is still restricting access for aid agencies to provide assistance in those areas.

The District authorities have released their first official figures for the number of people displaced. Overall there are reported to be 41,270 IDPS in the district (2,828 IDPs in Town and Gravets; 19,880 IDPs in Kanthale; 10,292 in Seruvila; 1,678 IDPs in Kinnya and 6,592 in Thampalakaman). There are, however, no reported figures for the number of IDPs in Muttur and Eachchilampattai.

IDPs are still arriving (from Thoppur and other places in Muttur) to Kanthale. IDPs are also moving on from Kanthale to Kinniya and other locations in the district making IDP movement hard to track.

The IDP District Coordination Committee, chaired by the Government Agent, is meeting daily in Kanthale. An Inter-Agency Meeting is being held every other day in Trincomalee to coordinate the response of UN and NGOs, while sectoral groups are meeting on an ad hoc basis.

II. Sector response

Camp management

There are now, reportedly, 45 IDP sites across the district.

The main IDP sites in Kanthale are becoming seriously congested and there is a lack of capacity for new arrivals. The local authorities are investigating alternative sites and will allocate these to relieve the overcapacity.

The local authorities have assigned camp managers in most of the main IDP sites in Kanthale.

There are now a number of scattered IDP sites, which are not on official lists

Police have been deployed in the main sites to improve security.


The local authorities are preparing 5,900 tin sheets for temporary shelters.

Non-food items

Muslim Aid International (MAI) has conducted a needs assessment of NFI requirements in the IDP sites in Kanthale.

Agencies are compiling stock lists of NFIs for distribution.

UNICEF has ordered 200 large and 600 small cooking pots. UNHCR have supplied 80 large cooking pots, 300 plastic mats, 150 kitchen sets, and 1200 bars of soap to the District warehouse, and 1000 plastic sheets and 1000 jerry cans to the MAI warehouse.


OXFAM and the local NGO Sarvodaya have started construction of latrines in IDPs sites in Kanthale. ICRC is initiating construction of latrines in a further 3 sites.

UNICEF has ordered 5000 hygiene kits for distribution in Kanthale and Kinnya.

A joint Watsan assessment was undertaken in Kinniya and site responsibility divided up accordingly.


There have been 80 diarrhea cases in Kanthale in view of the deteriorating sanitation situation in the IDP sites.

The local health authorities and agencies working in Kanthale have decided to erect a field hospital in the grounds of the general hospital in the town with a potential capacity for 200 admissions.

ICRC will provide tents for staff accommodation.


Food (dry rations including rice, lentils, oil and sugar) has been distributed by WFP to divisional authorities in the district for 45,000 people in various divisions.

Arrangements are underway to organize communal cooking facilities in the IDP sites in Kanthale.