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Sri Lanka: Situation report on IDPs from Madhu Division, Mannar District & situation in Manthai East Division, Mannar District as of 8 Apr 2008

Situation Report
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Situation Report

The Government of Sri Lanka's (GoSL) military offensive in the Mannar District has caused a series of displacements of civilians from the areas of Pandivirichchaan, Adampan, Andankulam and other areas starting on August 25, 2007. The IDPs sought refuge in Madhu, Thatchinamadhu, Periyamadhu, Pallamadhu, Kooraai, Kalliyadi, Illuppaikadavai, Vellankumam, Thevanpiddy and other divisions within the Mannar District. Other refugees have displaced to Vavuniya North, Mullankavil (Kilinochchi District), and Mullaitivu District.

All the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) were provided safe, temporary accommodation in the areas mentioned above at this stage of displacement. During the last two weeks the GoSL army has engaged in an offensive with the objective of capturing the Madhu Church and its precincts. The remaining people in the Madhu Church area left the area on 1 April 2008. Due to shelling near the church the next day (2 April 2008) the people took the statue of 'Our Lady of Madhu' and provided an abode for her in the Thevanpiddy St. Sebastian Church.

Many of the IDPs are going to other areas according to their wishes. Because of the out of season rains, the unpaved dirt roads are almost impassable. Transporting those seeking refuge is extremely difficult. In addition to the difficulty in transporting the IDPs, due to the rains, lack of fuel, and lack of vehicles, they are experiencing extreme difficulty in inadequate temporary shelters.

The Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) continues to make arrangements and transport the IDPs from the place of displacement to the areas they wish to be temporarily settled. TRO is also constructing and providing shelters, drinking water, health, Non-Food Relief Items (NFRI) and other emergency relief assistance. The UN, iNGOs, and local NGOs are providing medical and other humanitarian assistance to the IDPs.