Sri Lanka – Severe Weather (ECHO Daily Flash of 22 December 2014)

Sri Lanka - Severe Weather (Government of Sri Lanka, DMC-SL, NMS, WMO, Local Media)

■Heavy rainfall in the past few days caused flash floods in Eastern, North-Central, Northern and North-Western provinces of Sri Lanka. In Batticaloa district, Eastern province, 59mm of rain were recorded in 24h over 20-21 December, while 92mm were measured in Anuradhapura district, North-Central province, on 21 December.

■As of 21 December, the Government of Sri Lanka announced that sluice gates had to be opened in the affected provinces, as hundreds of water reservoirs (300 only in Anuradhapura district) had exceeded their danger levels. The consequent floods have forced 28 288 people to evacuate their homes, while over 1 000 houses have been totally damaged, according to DMC-SL, as of 22 December. North-Central and Eastern Provinces appear to be worst affected.

■The National Department of Meteorology has issued an Amber Warning for further rainfall and strong winds in the already affected areas, on 22 December.