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Sri Lanka: Relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction done by Government Institutions since the Ceasefire Agreement

Situation Report
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Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction work done in the North and East by Government Institutions since the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement (2002)

1. Commissioner General for Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation (RRR)

The office of the Commissioner General provides support to the National Coordination Committee on Relief, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction (NCCR), an apex policy- making forum on relief and rehabilitation matters. It also supports the work of the Steering Committee on Demining, the Steering Committee on Internally Displaced People (IDPs), and the Steering Committee on Reconciliation.

2. Ministry of Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Refugees

Source: 'Projects Implemented by the Rehabilitation & Resettlement Division of M/RRR in 2002'

The Mission of the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Resettlement & Refugees is to create a conducive and sustainable environment through appropriate policies, programmes and projects for the restoration of normalcy in the country, to foster socio-economic development by promoting ethnic harmony and ensuring equal rights for all.

Acronyms used in this document:

ASC Agriculture Seed Centre
BMC Building Materials Cooperation
GTZ German Development Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft f=FCr Technische Zusammenarbeit)
JRP Jaffna Rehabilitation Programme
MPCS Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society
MOH Medical Officer of Health
RRAN Rehabilitation & Resettlement Authority of the North
TEC Total Estimated Cost
ZDE Zonal Director of Education

2.1 Jaffna District

  • 04 Projects under Agriculture & Animal Husbandry (TEC: Rs.5.7m) and Fisheries (TEC: Rs.10m)
    supply of farm animals, reconstruction of buildings, and provision of ice plants.

  • 04 Projects under Irrigation (TEC: Rs.3m), Water Supply & Sanitation (TEC: Rs.7m), and Electricity (TEC: Rs.195m)
    rehabilitation of channels from Kondavil Paravikulam to Thirunelvely, RRAN/GTZ water supply project, salt water exclusion schemes on Kayts and Delft, and a power project.

  • 13 Projects under Industries, Tourism & Trade (TEC: Rs.75.42m)
    rehabilitation/reconstruction of the public markets of Kayts, Thirunelvely, Chankanai, Muruthanamadam, Kokkuvil, Jaffna, and Chavakachcheri; rehabilitation of Kayts rest house; and construction of food stores at Point Pedro, Chunnakam, and Delft; and others.

  • 10 Projects under Transport (TEC: Rs.155m)
    rehabilitation of roads; improvements to bus stands and travelers' waiting halls; and construction of additional passenger jetty.

  • 06 Community development projects (TEC: Rs.26.04m) and 12 projects under Places of Worship (TEC: Rs.114.17m).
    a home for the aged in Kaithady; rehabilitation of orphanages; purchase of furniture and equipment for social services programmes; supply of bicycles; rehabilitation and reconstruction of kovils, temples, mosques and churches.

  • 16 Projects in the Education sector (TEC: Rs.132.99m)
    rehabilitation of St Patrick's College, Uduvil Girls' College, Kokkuvil Hindu College, St John's College, Jaffna College, and others; rehabilitation of college hostels, libraries, and classrooms; construction of temporary class rooms, and purchase of equipment to schools in the Jaffna district.

  • 20 Projects in the Health sector (TEC: Rs.167.75m)
    construction of an administration block at Chankai Government Hospital and Kaithady Ayurvedic Hospital; construction of mortuary for the Teaching Hospital and District Hospital; contribution towards GTZ 600 Toilet Project and UNICEF 1000 Toilet Project; miscellaneous programmes covering rehabilitation and construction of specialty (i.e. psychiatry, maternity, premature baby) wards, staff quarters, kitchens, etc., at hospitals in Pandatharippu, Point Pedro, Delft, Nainativu, Analaitivu, Karainagar, Varany, and Pannai; and conducting a free eye camp.

  • 06 Projects under Strengthening Administration (TEC: Rs.7.47m) and General Compensation (TEC: Rs.146.6m)
    improvements to Kachcheri buildings, storage facilities, and circuit bungalows; and compensation for damaged places of worship, houses and properties, and schools;

  • 04 Human Settlement projects sub-divided into General Programmes (TEC: Rs.237.5m) and Special Programmes (TEC: Rs.76.15m)
    settling allowances and housing grants for families; construction of housing units for displaced families living in welfare centers; distribution of free coconut seedling and protective masks for harbour workers; and plastic surgery team at Jaffna Teaching Hospital.
2.2 Kilinochchi District
  • A project each under Places of Worship (TEC: Rs.0.10m), Education (TEC: Rs.2m) and General Compensation (TEC: Rs.10m)
    work carried out at places of worship, loans/advances extended to Pradeshiya Sabhas and Urban Councils, and compensation for general public, damaged houses and properties.

  • 07 Human Settlement projects (TEC: Rs.130m).
    settling allowances and housing grants for families; provision of implements; improvements to internal roads; clearing of jungle; and resettlement allowances for internally displaced persons.
2.3 Mannar District
  • 07 Projects under Agriculture & Animal Husbandry (TEC: Rs.3.57m) and Fisheries (TEC: Rs.3.75m)
    construction of building for Palm Product Co-operative Society; repairs to Government Veterinary Surgeon's Office; reconstruction of ASC building in Nanattan; purchase/provision of ice plants and freezers to Talaimannar and Aripputhurai; and earth-filling at Vankalai Fisheries Housing Scheme.

  • 03 Projects under Irrigation (TEC: Rs.4.17m), 15 projects under Water Supply & Sanitation (TEC: Rs.6.01m), and 2 projects under Electricity (TEC: Rs.6.09m)
    construction of wells in 10 villages and toilets in Madhukkarai and Maruthamadhu; construction of water tanks to water supply scheme in Vankalai; and rural electrification schemes in Mannar and Nanattan.

  • 13 Projects under Industries, Tourism & Trade (TEC: Rs.23.52m)
    rehabilitation of salterns; renovation and construction of BMC, ASC and MPCS buildings; reconstruction of food stores and sales center in Parikarikandal and public market in Nanattan and Mannar Town; and construction of temporary store at Talaimannar pier.

  • 44 Projects under Transport (TEC: Rs.257.95m)
    reconstruction of roads in Panankattikottu; construction of and repairs to internal, rural and central roads; improvements at new housing scheme; Madhukkarai causeway; jungle clearing; construction of and repairs to culverts; etc.

  • 31 Community development projects (TEC: Rs.14.7m) and 4 projects under Places of Worship (TEC: Rs.6.74m).
    reconstruction of library building and playground in Mannar; construction and reconstruction of government buildings; construction of and repairs to multi-purpose halls and community halls; improvement to and renovation of public playgrounds in Nanattan and Arippu-West, respectively; construction of nursery school, religious school, and civic centers; operational costs; preservation of Allirani Fort in Arippu; construction of places of worship; repairs to temporary toilets at Madu; etc.

  • 43 Projects in the Education sector (TEC: Rs.83.88m)
    construction of school buildings, science labs, assembly halls, hostels and water tanks; repairs to classrooms; construction of Information Technology Park in Mannar; earth filling; reconstruction of multi-purpose halls; renovation of Mannar ZDE office; reconstruction of school toilets; renovation of school playgrounds, etc.

  • 02 Projects in the Health sector (TEC: Rs.1.02m)
    construction of midwife and staff quarters in Murunkan and repairs to midwife quarters in Nanattan.

  • 12 Projects under Strengthening Administration (TEC: Rs.28.83m)
    construction of ladies' dormitory, building department quarters, Ministry circuit office, and Additional GA's quarters; renovation of Government junior quarters and Civil Movement Office; and repairs to Nanattan Pradeshiya Sabha office and Mannar circuit bungalow.

  • 04 Projects under General Compensation (TEC: Rs.4.7m)
    improvements to Kachcheri buildings, storage facilities, and circuit bungalows; and compensation for damaged places of worship, houses and properties, and schools;

  • 11 Human Settlement projects sub-divided into General Programmes (TEC: Rs.23.95m) and Special Programmes (TEC: Rs.26.75m)
    temporary and permanent housing grants; Unified Assistance Grant; supply of implements and fishing gear; settling allowances; construction of temporary huts and sheds; registration of IDPs; improvement and repairs to roads and toilets; renovation of playgrounds; construction of jummah mosque; construction of toilets and supply of materials to the Madu church; etc.

2.4 Mullaithivu District
  • 01 Project under General Compensation (TEC: Rs.10m)
    compensation for general public, damaged houses and properties.

  • 06 Human Settlement projects (TEC: Rs.25m)
    settling allowances and housing grants for families; provision of implements; improvements to internal roads; and clearing of jungle.
2.5 Vavuniya District
  • 13 Projects under Agriculture & Animal Husbandry (TEC: Rs.14.15m)
    agricultural development in relocation villages and capacity building; rehabilitation of Agriculture Research Station and purchase of equipment for Land Use Unit; construction of wells for Government Seed Production Farm and District Agriculture Training Centre; construction of a additional poultry sheds, stores, quarters, and OIC quarters at hatchery; provision of air-conditioning for hatchery room; construction of a goat shed and improvement of water supply facilities at Chekkadipulavu Goat Farm; and clearing of jungle.

  • 18 Projects under Irrigation (TEC: Rs.13.26m)
    construction of staff officers quarters and reconstruction of Irrigation Dept. quarters; rehabilitation of and improvement to units, main canals, channels, and bunds; rehabilitation of and improvement to Muhathankulam Scheme, Vavuniya Tank, and Moonayamadu Tank; construction of causeway across stream and connected channels at Pampaimadu Tank; reconstruction of sluice at Mamaduwa Scheme; etc.

  • 15 Projects under Water Supply & Sanitation (TEC: Rs.6.14m) and 05 under Electricity (TEC: Rs.5.802m)
    construction of and repairs to tube wells in newly-settled areas; repairs to public wells; construction and renovation of open dug wells in Thandikulam, Poovarasankulam, Sooduventhapulavu, Gandhinagar, Agbopura, Ambalangodella, etc; and supply of electricity to Bharathipuram, Attambagaskade, Kappachchi, and Kurukkalputhukulam.

  • 07 Projects under Industries (TEC: Rs.6.142m)
    construction of cooperative society buildings in Maniyarkulam and Kapachchi; construction of technical college building and markets in Mamaduwa and Sasthrikoolankulam; construction of market and shops in Andiyapuliyankulam; etc.

  • 104 Projects under Transport (TEC: Rs.251.24m)
    rehabilitation/reconstruction of trunk, main, internal, and rural roads; access road to security forces headquarters; tarring of roads; construction of vented causeway across Kalmadu tank; jungle clearing, widening, raising, and construction of culverts, drains and retaining walls; etc.

  • 04 Community development projects (TEC: Rs.14.33m)
    improvements to post offices, switching centers, playgrounds, and Town Hall; improvements to cemeteries in Samayapuram and Thonikal; extension to cultural hall.

  • 57 Projects in the Education sector (TEC: Rs.78.73m)
    construction of school buildings, laboratories, toilets, and staff/teachers' quarters; supply of fittings to school toilets; installation of water tanks and water pumps; supply of school furniture; construction of staff quarters for Zonal Education Office; electrification of schools; etc.

  • 12 Projects in the Health sector (TEC: Rs.27.47m)
    Gramodaya Health Centre; supply of herbal soup; construction of OPD (Out-Patients' Dept) in Neriyakulam; construction of hospital wards (maternity wards, male and female wards), midwife quarters, and MOH office and quarters; and purchase of medicine for medical camp.

  • 05 Projects under Strengthening Administration (TEC: Rs.6m)
    construction of quarters for government servants/district administration; administration expenses.

  • 02 Projects under General Compensation (TEC: Rs.0.57m)
    compensation for general public and damaged places of worship, houses and properties.

  • 28 Human Settlement projects sub-divided into General Programmes (TEC: Rs.44.2m) and Special Programmes (TEC: Rs.182.23m)
    temporary and permanent housing grants; settling allowances; supply of implements; construction of open wells and tube wells; construction of Vinayagar Temple and Pillaiyarkovil at Tharanikulam Housing Scheme; surveying; improvement of roads and construction of culverts; construction of MPCS buildings; operational costs; etc.
3. Ministry of Eastern Development & Muslim Religious Affairs

Ministry of Eastern Development and Muslim Religious Affairs is responsible for post- disaster development activities in the Eastern Province and disaster management activities in the district adjoining the North and East. To achieve these objectives, the Ministry has formulated and implemented the following programmes:

3.1 The Eastern Development Programme

  • 129 development works including road building, provision of educational infrastructure, renovation of irrigation facilities, and agriculture works, and the resumption of small industries and income generation activities were completed with an investment frame of Rs.97.121 million in the districts of Amparai, Batticaloa and Trincomalee in the Eastern Province.
3.2 The Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Programmes
  • Rs.58.00 million was spent to reconstruct the affected public infrastructure facilities in the Districts of Amparai, Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Puttalam.

  • 78 affected public infrastructure facilities were reconstructed or provided. Activities included renovation of roads, reconstruction of educational infrastructure, drinking water, community building, educational buildings, and South Eastern University and commissioning of electricity.

  • Rs.21.45 Million was expended to provide public infrastructure facilities for the Relocation Model Village Programme at Bogaslanda (for 100 Sinhalese Families) of Amparai, at Kiran (for 100 Tamil Families) of Batticaloa, and at Sellanagar (for 100 Muslim families) of Trincomalee.

  • 1,898 displaced families were resettled and provided with Unified Assistance Scheme at cost of Rs.44.548 million.

  • Rs. 37.90 million was paid as compensation for death, injury and property in respect of 923 cases.
3.3 The Development and Rehabilitation Programme for Batticaloa District
  • Rs.118.50 Million was disbursed for a Social Mobilization Programme and the rehabilitation of part of the railway line from Valaichenai to Batticaloa.
3.4 The Integrated Food Security Programme for Trincomalee District
  • Rs.80.40 Million was disbursed for Self-Employment and Income Generation Projects, Health and Nutrition Promotion at Village Level, Resettlement of Internally Displaced People of the District.

  • A total of Rs.436.069 million was invested for the Post Disaster Development and the Disaster Management Activities in the areas under purview of the Ministry during 2002.
4. Ministry Assisting Vanni Rehabilitation (MAVR)

The MAVR was created for implementation of short, mid and long term plans relating to relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction, resettlement and reconciliation program with particular focus on resettlement in order to sustain the lives and livelihoods of the people affected due to the ethnic conflict.

  • Supply of fishing gear to 92 displaced/resettled fishermen in Mannar.

  • Road development projects in Mannar and Puttalam districts.

  • The opening of a paddy marketing center in Murunkan.

  • Furniture supplied to 10 schools in Puttalam district.

  • 17 IDP villages in Puttalam and Vavuniya districts were supplied with electricity.

  • Public playground at Pallimunai repaired and rehabilitated for the benefit of IDP children.

  • Basic facilities /amenities provided to 4,372 families for re-settlement in Mannar, Vavuniya and Mallaitivu districts.

  • 30 push bicycles distributed to mid-wives attached to hospitals in Mannar and Vavuniya districts.

  • Repairing and building of schools in Mannar, Vavuniya and Puttlam districts.

  • A public hall constructed for the benefit of IDP's in Puttlam district.

  • Coconut seedlings distributed among 5,000 IDP families in the Puttlam district to start income-generating projects.

  • E-learning Centre set up in Mulliyawalai in the Mullaitivu district.

  • Buildings housing divisional secretariat offices and kachcheries repaired to strengthen administrative capacity for the region.
5. North-East Provincial Council
  • Rs. 3,733,000 spent on infrastructure development projects

  • Rs. 52,694,000 spent on agriculture and related projects

  • Rs. 50,693,000 spent on animal production and health related projects

  • Rs. 140,787,000 spent on irrigation projects

  • Rs. 2,991,904,000 spent on education projects

  • Rs. 843,835,000 spent on health related projects

  • Rs. 32,287,000 spent on buildings

  • Rs. 48,104,000 spent on developing and promoting industries

  • Rs. 289, 250,000 spent on road development
5.1 North-East Irrigated Agriculture Project (NEIAP)

The North East Project is a community-driven, village level, small-scale social and economic reintegration project, targeting the people most affected by the conflict. The project commenced in March, 2002.

Its objective is to help conflict-affected communities in the North and East and in adjoining areas to re-establish at least subsistence level of agricultural production and basic community services, through assistance with jump starting agricultural and small-scale reconstruction activities, and to build people's capacity for social and economic reintegration.

The secondary objective is to create employment opportunities, both wage employment and self employment, at village level through project activities. The project has targeted 20,000 families living in 400 focal villages covering all the districts of the North and East and 15 Divisional Secretary divisions of Moneragala, Pollonaruwa, Anuradhapura, Puttlam Districts.

  • Of the total target of 400 focal villages, the project is already active in 270 villages (including Jaffna District). The balance 150 have been identified for support.

  • Of the target 400 small irrigation schemes initiated by the Project, 83 irrigation schemes have been completed. The balance 176 are in the process of being rehabilitated.

  • The project has brought 4700 hectares of agricultural land back to production to date

  • Of the target of 760 km of rural roads to be developed, 220 km have already been completed, work on the balance is underway.

  • 150 wells constructed, 390 are under construction.

  • 75 community halls constructed, 155 more under construction.

  • 2, 360 small loans for Livelihood Support Activities have been disbursed to selected individuals. The loans are on average Rs. 20,000 and are given as start up funds for technically and economically viable self-employment activities.
5.2 North-East Community Restoration and Development Project (NECORD)

The objective of the project is to contribute to the Government's overall relief and rehabilitation program for the North and East, by improving the living conditions and well-being of communities that have been affected by the conflict, particularly communities that contain significant proportions of internally displaced people.

  • Furniture delivered to 10, 389 students and 225 teachers in 158 schools in 5 districts.

  • 13 Sets of urinals, 11 latrines and 2 water supply systems constructed in Mannar and Batticaloa Districts.

  • 40 Classrooms and 8 schools constructed in Trincomalee and Batticaloa Districts.

  • 1 Tractor for solid waste disposal delivered to Karachchi Pradeshiya Sabha, Kilinochchi.

  • 4 Four-wheel tractors with equipment, 7 2-wheel tractors with equipment, 7 combined harvestors, 31 sprayers, and 15 water pumps delivered to Illupaikadawai Agrarian Kendra Nilayas (AKN), Alkaddively AKN, Nedunkerny AKN, and Ayithiyamalai AKN.

  • Reconstruction works are in progress in the education, health, and agrarian services sectors.
Disclaimer: This document is based on research done by SCOPP as of March 2003 on information received from primary Governmental institutions involved in rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the North and East. Information contained in this document will be updated regularly to reflect additional information received by this Secretariat.