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Sri Lanka: Red Cross provides relief to people affected by landslides

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People living in temporary welfare centers in Hanguranketa and Walapane of Nuwraeliya District following the landslides are provided with non-food relief items and first aid by the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society (SLRCS).

Rice, 2000 sleeping mats, 1000 saris, 800 underskirts, 1000 sarongs, 500 bed sheets, blankets, soap, 500 children's ware, 100 packets of Anchor milk powder, hurricane lamps, 500 jerry cans, 500 rain coats, 1259 t-shirts, 400 trouses and sanitary kits were distributed to families in welfare centers in Hanguranketa and Walapane. Nuwaraeliya branch of SLRCS has obtained the services of more than 75 volunteers to provide relief to the affected. They are also engaged in removing debris on roads, distribution of dry ration, drinking water. SLRCS has deployed national disaster response teams in the districts of Nuwaraeliya and Hambantota. In addition a team consisting of psychosocial officers, a search and rescue personnel has been working in Nuwara eliya district since 15th of January 2007.

A team headed by the Hony. National Secretary of the SLRCS Mr. S H Nimal Kumara and Trincomalee branch Disaster Management team visited on Wends day 17th of January Hanguranketa welfare centers and met affected people to asses the requirements of them. Red Cross workers are also engaged in counseling and family link restoration.

In Hambantota district similar activities were conducted by Hambantota Red Cross branch to assist the families affected by flood. Red Cross has released one hundred thousand rupees for the relief activities in the Nuwaraeliya district and two hundred thousand rupees for the Hambantota district and provided non-food relief items.