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Sri Lanka: Recovery in tsunami ravaged north and east government spearheads reconstruction drive

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SCOPP Report

- 66% of Houses Reconstructed

- 91% of the houses are being completed or the work is in progress

Sri Lanka has made remarkable progress in restoring normalcy in Tsunami affected areas of the North and the East. Reconstruction and recovery activity under the aegis of the Government has been rapid. A majority of the displaced have returned to their homes and their livelihoods were restored. The memory of the disaster is gradually fading. It is being replaced by the brighter things that life has to offer to the unfortunate victims.

Overall the recovery has demonstrated the Government's good will and genuine commitment towards the well being of its people irrespective of considerations of race, religion or creed. Today members of the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala communities in the North and East are the proud beneficiaries of the Govt.'s efforts in restoring their livelihood and homes.