Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: President appeals for calm and restraint in Trincomalee

President Kumaratunga is deeply concerned and saddened by the violence and loss of life occurring in and around Trincomalee, precipitated by the assassinations of several senior unarmed political cadres of the LTTE in their Trincomalee office earlier this week.

The President held several meeting since Monday the 11th July, with the security forces commanders at National Security Council meetings regarding the deterioration in the law and order situation in Trincomalee. Several specific measures and systems have been put in place to arrest and remedy the situation and the respective security forces commanders have been instructed to directly oversee the implementation of the same.

Specific measures to ensure strict adherence to the CFA by all parties shall also be implemented. Also the authorities have been instructed to conduct a complete investigation of the events that have occurred in the Trincomalee area and to take strict action against the perpetrators in accordance with the law.

President Kumaratunga firmly believes that conflicts that have caused political violence should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations and not through hostility.

At a time when the Government of Sri Lanka has taken the momentous and historic decision to commence working together with all stake holders in the post-tsunami reconstruction efforts in the North and East, through the P-TOMS (Tsunami Relief Council), it is regrettable but not entirely surprising that opponents of the same would seek through various means including orchestrated violence to disrupt the conflict transformation process, desired by the vast majority of the people of Sri Lanka. The President appeals to all concerned to exercise restraint and contribute towards normalizing the situation.