Sri Lanka

'Sri Lanka is not isolated' says the Defence Secretary

Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa the Defence Secretary said Tamil tiger rebels had infiltrated the UN's offices in the capital, Colombo and were feeding it incorrect information, in an interview with Mr. Roland Buerk, BBC correspondent in Colombo.

The Defence Secretary said Sri Lanka won't be isolated since he has the support of SAARC (South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation) countries, " He, further said the police had taken action against only a small proportion of ethnic Tamils living in cheap hotels in the city.

Security Forces cannot arrest 300 people and detain them. So they were given the option to go to their hometown.

"you don't have any legal business in Colombo, there is a security problem in Colombo, you are the people suspected of ..... we don't want to detain you, go back to you homes" he was quoted.

The Defence Secretary also condemned the "double standards" of certain countries and international organizations. He is quoted ....... "if there is a terrorists group why can't you do anything? It's not against a community...."