Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Northern province situation report Jun 2005

Observance of the Ceasefire
A meeting was held between security forces and the LTTE at the SLMM office. LTTE political wing leader for Jaffna condemned the collection of details by security forces of staff working commercial establishments in Jaffna town. He further claimed that collection of this kind of data by security forces is a violation of the ceasefire agreement.

After 10 years the security forces have handed over 100 acres of land from HSZ in Eachankadu, solely for agricultural activity.

A soldier at an army camp in Varani was attacked with a knife and admitted to Colombo Military Hospital.

A skeleton of a woman was discovered while excavating sand for construction at an abandoned army camp at Vadamarachchi East. District Judge and DMO of Point Pedro visited the area for inquiries.

A 22 year old de-miner of Navaly South was severely injured when a mine accidentally exploded while de-mining.

A 60 year old man was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on a motorbike and a 25 year old was shot dead the next day in Anakodai.

The Denmark government has provided aid the GoSL through UNHCR and to provide 10.3 km of pipe borne water to the most affected fishing villages in the Mannar District.

Degree of Violence/Rebellion

Several persons wanting to create tension in Mannar, damaged the Buddhist temple fences at Shanthipura. The GA Mannar summoned a meeting with religious leaders and armed forces and brought the situation under control.

The occupation of Army personnel at HSZ is causing tremendous problems both to the government and IDPs.

A fully fledged harthal was observed in Jaffna in protest of the non removal of security deployment in Trincomalee as agreed earlier. Security sentry posts in Munai and Meesalai were burnt down by protestors.

A Navy Officer was shot and injured at Thalai Mannar while a group of Navy personnel were patrolling the road. The injured office was transferred to the Anuradhapura hospital for safety.

The Chilaw Crime Branch has found that forged monetary notes are distributed from Colombo and transacted in Chilaw and Puttalam areas.

An incident of a businessman using a 12 year old child for stealing purposes was reported from Anamaduwa.

A minister's car was stoned by unknown persons at Kurumankadu junction. The minister escaped unharmed and the police are conducting investigations.

Two unknown men threw a hand grenade at Sun Television station and caused severely loss and damage. Police are conducting investigations.

The Genuineness of the Peace Negotiation

More than 500 people participated in three different token hunger strikes organised by CBOs of Thenmarachchi in protest of activities of the south of Sri Lanka against the Joint Mechanism.

Delivery and Distribution of Peace Dividends

Houses that were constructed in certain villages in Jaffna by TRO with funding given by NECORD.

NEP Rehabilitation Minister has made arrangements to develop two villages in Mannar and Vavuniya. Electricity posts have been laid off at Arripu to Pariyarkandal and Musali divisions.

People of Musali DS Division are happy that peace dividends were distributed after 15 years.

Adherence to or Violation of Human Rights Standards

A 14 year old boy was attacked by Navy personnel while travelling on the road passing a Navy camp. He was later accused of spying. A group of armed men were arrested in Gal-Oya while travelling to Jaffna and kept in remand.

Three PLOTE members were killed on three different days. The Police are carrying out investigations.

Mobile medical clinics were provided for 1,500 families by security forces in remote villages of Chavakachcheri.