Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Northern province situation report Jul 2005

Since some sections of Joint Mechanisms of P -- TOMS were suspended by the High Court decision there was some fear among the Jaffna public of the political situation worsening. Political wing leader of LTTE stated that their fears are reasonable.
A soldier of Passara attached to Myliddy army camp at Palaly shot himself dead as he was not given leave to visit home.

A 22 year old youth of Park Road, Gurunagar died at a security check point in the area as a result of electrocution when he made contact with the barbed wire.

The Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka visited Thalaimannar village and pier and discussed with Sri Lanka Navy Officials, Minister of Rehabilitation, GA Mannar, about the Sethu Samudra Shipping Canal (SSCP) which was inaugurated by the Indian State Tamil Nadu. Fisher folk of Mannar are severely affected due to many serious issues that have arisen as a result of it.

Observance of the Ceasefire

3 fishermen were attacked while they were fishing at Karainagar Sea. The Karainagar Police and the SLMM were notified.

25 Sri Lankan refugees arriving in 2 fishing boats were apprehended in Mannar and handed over to the Mannar Police and brought before the Magistrate Court. 2.4kg of "ganja" was confiscated and the 2 boatmen were remanded.

Brigadier in Thallady has given orders that all fishermen of Mannar be given passes as 2 boats carrying claymore mines were apprehended.

The Chief Officer in charge of Madhu Road Entry point stated that the road would be open to devotees for four consecutive days starting on the 13th of August as was previously done on the 30th of June.

The Puttalam Police detected weapons on a bus travelling from Eluvankulam to Colombo via Puttalam.

A bomb was found by the Army in the Puttalm town at the roundabout near the Post Office. The Police is investigating into the matter but no one has been arrested as yet.

4 LTTE suspects, who infiltrated the Forward Defense Line (FDL) area of the Security Forces, were captured by troops while they were trying to hide behind the FDL.

RDF, Puttalam is conducting a programme funded by UNICEF for school dropouts.

CTF celebrated "Mine Action Week" at Palavi Mualim School with the support of UNICEF.Simultaneously, UNICEF held a training programme on Mines Risk Education in Colombo in which many CTF staff participated.

RDF has completed work of constructing 4km of road in the Nindeni area.

The Pre -- school Education Organisation is organising a series of inter -- faith workshops among pre -- schoolers in Vavuniya. This programme is funded by the P&D Programme of CHA.

HUMEDICA distributed 340 fishing boats and equipment to Tsunami victims of Vadamarachchi.

WFO has decided to stop distributing dry rations to Tsunami victims by next month. Bureaucrats from the Ministry of Rehabilitation and GAs from Tsunami affected areas were also present at the meeting held in Colombo.

After the High Court decision made on P -- TOMs, LTTE summoned all TULF Members of Parliament and discussed ways and means of obtaining foreign aid for Tsunami victims.

Degree of Violence/Rebellion

People at the transit camps complain that health facilities are insufficient and as a result no inspections are done by Health Officers.

Adherence to or Violation of Human Rights Standards

A complaint was made by three girls that a male teacher tried to molest them by indulging in vulgar language. HRC Officers are carrying out investigations.

The number of robberies are on the rise. A lady at Rambaikulam was threatened with knives by two persons while they ransacked her house and took away Rs. 150,000 worth of jewellery.

Due to the poor standards in basic requirements such as water, electricity, and toilets, the residents of Kakkarankulam, Vavuniya are facing immense hardships.