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Sri Lanka: Northern province situation report Apr 2005

Situation Report
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Conflict and Peace
Observance of the Ceasefire/ The Military Situation/ Degree of Violence / Rebellion

The Chief Officer in charge of the Omanthai Army point stated, that as of 15 April, the sentry point would be open from 7am to 5.30pm everyday for the transport of tsunami-relief goods. (District Officer -- Vavuniya)

Protests were held by the Fishermen Societies and CBOs on 28 March, 6 and 9 April at various locations in the Jaffna district condemning the new construction of SLA sentry points within 200 meters of coast while prohibiting rehabilitation of civilian buildings in the same area and the delays in providing relief to those affected by the tsunami. (District Officer -- Jaffna)

The Private Bus Association went on strike, and the public gathered in protest of an accident involving a motorbike and a private bus. One of the passengers on the motorbike was killed and others were injured in the incident. (Community Protection Network -- Jaffna) Reports were received regarding the shooting of a member of the EPRLF, who was shot in Nagar Elluppaikulam on 8 April. (District Officer -- Vavuniya)

The Genuineness of Peace negotiation

Eric Solheim, the Norwegian peace envoy for Sri Lanka made a visit to Puttlam on 17 April. He visited the Nuraicholai and Puttlam areas and the local community. The community spoke of the scarcity of resources and the difficulties faced by the host community to the many displaced persons in the area. (District Officer -- Puttlam) Organisations in Vali North submitted a memorandum to the President of Sri Lanka through DS of Tellipalai stating that the displaced should be resettled in their places of origin, and that normalcy should be brought back immediately to their lives. (District Officer -- Jaffna) Under the NEIAP phase II project, ten villages in the Puttlam, Mundel, Kalpitiya and Vanthivillu DS Divisions will be benefiting from the 8 million SLR for developmental purposes. (District Officer -- Puttlam)

Delivery and Distribution of peace Dividends

The Supreme Court has instructed the GA- Jaffna to explore the possibilities to give alternative lands for people who are still displaced because of the High Security Zones. (District Officer -- Jaffna)

The Jaffna Municipality inaugurated the rehabilitated water supply scheme for Pomaiveli and Ariyalai on 23 March. (District Officer -- Jaffna)

The Jaffna District Secretariat has allocated Rs. 9.7 Million to pay as compensation to people affected by heavy rains during latter part of last year. The compensation will be up to Rs. 20,000/- for completely damaged houses and up to Rs. 10,000/- for partially damaged houses. (District Officer/ Government Agent -- Jaffna)