Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Navy escorts 76 Tamil civilians stranded in the Mullaithivu seas to safety

Sri Lanka Navy's Patrol Craft escorted 76 Tamil civilians, who were found stranded in the Mullaithivu seas while fleeing from the LTTE terror, into safety at Pulmudai on the 25th of January 2009 around 09.50 a.m. The rescued escapees comprised of 30 male adults, 26 female adults and 20 children.

The group had been struggling in the deadly seas in order to save their lives on board four fiber glass dinghies (FGDs) when the Naval patrol craft came to their rescue. Having been safely brought ashore, naval personnel attended to the basic needs of the escapees by providing them with much-needed food and refreshments. Those found to be fatigued and sick due to the bitter and dangerous ordeal during their escapade were provided with immediate medical care.

Having found refuge and relieved of their pain of mind and body from the concerned naval care extended, the escapees, in unison, revealed how ruthlessly the LTTE is holding the innocent civilians captive against their will. The unfortunate civilians, they claim, are being used as human shields and forcibly conscripted as the terror outfit's carder power is drastically dwindling day by day in the face of the overwhelming military victories of the Government Security Forces who are about to free the entire area from the tentacles of the LTTE's tyranny.

Sri Lanka Navy has made special arrangements to receive hapless Tamil civilians fleeing from the LTTE clutches. Naval personnel and vessels along with stand-by rescue and medical teams are on special deployment for this humanitarian assistance mission in the North-eastern seas.