Sri Lanka: More houses of love as project Meth Sevana starts second phase

from Singapore Red Cross
Published on 04 Dec 2006

By Tan Suyin
Project Co-ordinator
Sri- Bodhiraja Buddhist Society

The Bodhiraja Buddhist Society embarks on the second phase of building another 200 houses for tsunami victims in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. These houses are part of their project to build 400 houses in Sri Lanka, named Project Meth Sevana. The project, an initiative of Sri Bodhiraja Buddhist Society in partnership with the Singapore Red Cross was started in November 2005. Project Meth Sevana or Project 'House of love' at a cost of S$ 1.76 million, funded by the Tidal Waves Asia Fund.

'The houses are just what these people needed, a house of love and hope to protect them from the storms in life.' Said Ven. Sobhita, Secretary General of Bodhiraja Buddhist Society. 'These houses are a representation of the Singaporean people's love for the people of Sri Lanka. That is why we have named them houses of love.'

The next batch of 200 houses will be built on prime land just 5 km from the Hambantota main town with the future site for the convention centre in the vicinity. The houses would go a long way to providing aid to its beneficiaries as there are many jobs that need filling in the area. This would enable them to both find a way of life as well as a roof over their heads all in the same place.