Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Military deployed to run hospitals amidst island wide strike by hospital workers

The Government deployed Army Navy and Air Force personnel today (22) to ease inconveniences faced by hospitals affected by an island wide hospice worker strike against the introduction of a finger print system to mark attendance.

When the island wide strike threatened to bring routine hospital activities to a complete halt the Army, Navy and Air Force volunteered to help doctors and patients and create normalcy in hospitals.

Activities of hospitals were back to normal following the deployment of Army, Navy and Air Force doctors, technicians, nurses, attendants, general laborers, cleaners, cooks and security guards.

The Army has deployed 20 personnel for general duties and another 10 for the emergency care unit of the National hospital in Colombo. In addition, the Army has also attached 36 operating theatre technicians and 26 personnel including an officer for the security of the hospital.

The Army has also deployed 51 personnel including an officer at the Ratnapura hospital to help in the day to day functions of the hospital.

The Navy deployed 115 sailors including officers and other skilled personnel to affected hospital throughout the island. 61 Navy personnel are currently attached to the Ragama Teaching hospital while another 42 and 12 personnel are deployed at Ragama Chest and Rehabilitation hospitals respectively.

The Air Force has also extended their fullest support to ensure the smooth functions of hospitals.

The Security Forces will be deploying another 150 personnel to help the National hospital manage its functions in the absence of hospital workers.