Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Kilinochchi, Trincomalee, Batticaloa & Ampara districts Daily Situation Report #22

Situation update

Shelling continues.


Due to shelling on Saturday 26th August evening in Vadamarachchi East, 457 families (1314 members) have been displaced to Karachchi (162 families, 612 members) and Kandawalai (292 families, 702 members) DS divisions of Kilinochchi.

Sector Response

Water and Sanitation

Two gully suckers from UNICEF are still stuck in Vavuniya, waiting for the opening of FDL.

The Pradeshaya Sabha has run of diesel for their gully suckers which are needed to empty the toilets in Kandavalai School. For the same reason, the Pradesha Sabha of Mullaitivu has stopped water bowsering to some IDP and Tsunami camps.

Hospitals in Kilinochchi are supplied with water two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. All other water requirements must be supplied by bowsers.


Two trucks on their way from Kilinochchi to Vavuniya to collect the 3rd quarter drugs and vaccines have been stopped at FDL. The GA is in negotiations to let the trucks pass.

UNICEF is going to supply 15 crutches to the PTK hospital through GRC tomorrow [29th August]. Food

On Saturday August 26, 2006, 23 lorry loads of food items for Kilinochchi district have arrived in Kilinochchi town. 12 of these lorries were loaded with Sugar (126 MT), 2 lorries with Triposha, and the remaining 9 lorries have been loaded with miscellaneous food items for general public distribution through MPCS. 15 lorry loads of food have also arrived in Mullaitivu district from Vavuniya. The additional GA in Kilinochchi reports that all the food items approved by the Ministry of Finance and Planning, are expected to arrive in Kilinochcih and Mullaitivu districts before the end of this month (August).

10 Lorries loaded with WFP food (canned fish, dhal, sugar, and lentils), are waiting at the FDL to bring food to Kilinochchi (6 Lorries) and Mullaitivu (4 Lorries) districts.


FORUT has distributed 30 NFRIs at Arasapuram GTMS on Saturday August 26, 2006 and the remaining 276 of the 306 NFRI packages are to be distributed on 30 August 2006. The distributions sites are PTK west (116 families), PTK east (57 families), Udaiyarkadhu south (48 families), and Udaiyarkadhu north (55 families)). This has been postponed several times due collecting delays as items were to be gathered from different agencies to complete the NFRI package.


The issue of shelter for the IDPs currently in schools, churches and other communal areas has been discussed among international agencies on August 25, 2006. To have a clear idea of where the temporary shelters are to be built, agencies have agreed to have a common meeting with the GA, PDS and NGO council as soon as possible. In the meantime, agencies have also agreed to have a common shelter design to be built to all IDP irrespective of when they were displaced or the districts to which they are displaced to. A temporary shelter design is to be prepared jointly by ZoA, Oxfam, Solidar and UNHCR. This design will be consistently used for subsequent IDP shelter construction.

PDS (Planning and Development Secretariat) has requested the GA offices to select temporary shelter construction sites. It is expected that the GA will provide the international organizations with a list of selected sites for temporary shelter construction.


The assessment to identify most vulnerable IDP families that live with friends and relatives will be conducted by CARE and other agencies in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts this week. The assessment will be carried out for a total of 8,250 families in Kilinochchi (including Maruthankerny from Jafffna) and 1,637 families in Mullaitivu district. The assessment is expected to be completed this week and the results can be made available beginning of next week.


Situation update

A food convoy of 80 MT organized by the GA was allowed into the vanni from vavuniya on satuday 26 Aug


Situation update

There has been an escalation of artillery shelling since early morning 27th August, which is ongoing.

250-300 IDPs have arrived in Kantalai because of the fighting in the area and the worsening security situation. Muslim Aid International and UMCOR have been arranging for their accommodation in existing IDP sites.

The ferry bringing 150 international aid worker staff and some medical cases arrived from Jaffna to Trincomalee at 10.00 a.m. on 27th August. Buses were arranged for the transfer of the passengers directly to Colombo.

Sector response

Camp management

The NGO providing camp management responsibilities has withdrawn from Al Husna IDP site hosting 137 families and a replacement is being looked for.

There is concern that IDP leaving the camps - for example as part of "go-and-see" visits to their homes - are deregistered and are not able to register if they return.


People in Need (PIN) have completed their second assessment of the NFRI and other needs in host families in Kinniya, Kantalai and Thampalakamam, which remains an under addressed area.


There were more than 250 out-patients at the Kantalai hospital on 27th August, with numbers increasing daily.

A lack of doctors is still a serious constraint in providing health facilities in Kantalai and across the district.


By the 24th the WFP had distributed 400 metric tons of food to 49,163 IDPs in 49 sites since the start of the displacement


The International Labour Organization (ILO) is investing how they can support emergency employment for IDPs.


CARE International is establishing Watsan activities in IDP sites in Kantalai.


Situation update

At the District IDP Committee Meeting on 28th August the AGA and the Civil Coordination Officer informed the humanitarian community that INGOs and NGOs willing to assist the IDPs in uncleared areas will have to fill a form giving information on intended relief and receive the approval from the GA. To transport the items, these organizations will have to use government trucks/lorries.