Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Mannar, Trincomalee, Batticaloa & Ampara Situation Report #79



Situation update

- Shelling continues in areas around the FDLs, Poonakary and Vadamarachchi East areas.

- The GA Kilinochchi reports that there are difficulties in transporting food commodities in to the district since the decision to have the Omanthai crossing point open three days a week. Since May, 10 per cent of the total approved Items have been transported.

- As of 18 June, Multi-Purpose Cooperative Societies of the Kilinochchi district had transported 351,000 liters of kerosene out of total 600,000 liters approved for June for general consumption of the district. Internally Displaced Persons

- UNHCR together with DRC (Danish Refugee Council) organized several activities to celebrate international Refugee Day on 20 and 21 June in the Arasapuram [Kilinochchi] and Neddankandal [Mullaitivu] villages where hundreds of IDP families have been settled after August 2006.

Sector Response


- World Vision has started on the construction of 70 temporary shelters for IDPs settled in the Mulankavil village in Poonakary AGA division-Kilinochchi.

- The SewaLanka Foundation (SLF) through ECHO funds is constructing 50 temporary shelters in the Subas IDP settlement in Akkarayan (Kilinochchi district). SLF has built a total of 1,350 temporary shelters in the districts since January.


- The Deputy Provincial Director of Health Services (DPDHS)-Kilinochchi reports that the Ministry of Defense (MoD) granted permission last week to transport the second quarter drugs for the district hospitals. Preliminary arrangements are on going to transport the drugs from Vavuniya. DPDHS-Kilinochchi received 15,050 liters of diesel last week from Vavuniya for the first time since August 2006 to be used for hospital generators, ambulances and other vehicles in the district.

- UNICEF completed the nutrition screening of 2,747 children under 5 years in the Poonakary MOH (Medical Officer of Health) division as a part of its Nutrition Rehabilitation Programme, last week. Screening is continuing in the other six MOHs in the districts.

- UNICEF distributed 14.4 MT of High Energy Biscuits (HEB) to 403 pregnant mothers and 3,155 children under five years in two MOH division of Mullaitivu. Each beneficiary received 3 Kg of HEB from UNICEF.


- The construction of temporary toilets funded by UNICEF for IDPs is currently on hold due implementation modalities with the NGO Consortium-Kilinochchi. According to the local coordination mechanism, implementing partners of UNICEF have been asked to select a local NGO to implement the projects in the Vanni.


- On 20 June, UNICEF delivered learning and teaching material to the Zonal Director of Education, Kilinochchi to distribute among children from marginalized areas in the district.


- On 18 June, WFP brought in 40 MT of wheat flour for its dry ration distribution ongoing in Mullaitivu district.

Food Security

- On 22 June, FAO distributed fishing gear packages to 30 displaced fisher families resettled in the Thadduvankoddy village, Kilinochchi.

- FAO provided essential farm animal drugs and vaccines to the Department of Animal Production and Health on 21 June for the treatment of cattle, goats and poultry of conflict-affected vulnerable households in the district


- UNICEF through MRE (Mine Risk Education) partners conducted MRE activities in the Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Madhu areas for 800 community members 18-20 June. On 19 June, UNICEF conducted a work shop on the strategic review of education for 40 children.


- On 20 June, World Vision distributed NFRIs to 15 families displaced from the Madhu area [Mannar] and settled in Murukandy village -Mullaitivu district.