Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Mannar, Trincomalee, Ampara & Batticaloa Situation Report #72


19-26 April 2007


Situation update

- Shelling continued at the Muhamalai Forward Defence Line (FDL), Vadamarachchi East and Poonakary areas.

- On 20 April, a UN mission led by UN RC/HC visited Kilinochchi and met the LTTE political wing leader at his office, as well as holding discussions with UN agencies based in Kilinochchi.

- As of 23 April, Multi-Purpose Cooperative Societies (MPCSs) of Kilinochchi district have transported 359,250 liters of kerosene out of the 600,000 liters allocated for April.

Internally Displaced Persons

- The number of IDPs in Manthai East continues to increase. According to the AGA Manthai East, the number of families residing since 17 March is now 1,031 families (4,198 individuals). These newly displaced are from the areas close to the FDLs where fighting has erupted.

Sector Response


- On 20 and 23 April, the Danish Refugee Council transported eight lorry loads of Cadjan through the Omanthai FDL for their temporary shelter programme. As of 23 April, 320 temporary shelters out of a committed 500 shelters have been completed at various IDPs locations.

Water and Sanitation

- Due to the shortage of cement in the areas, ZOA has made arrangements to build one drinking water well designed out of hume pipes instead of cement at the Chundikkulam IDP settlement site in Vadamarachchi East.


- Last week, UNICEF with the support of the Department of Education-Mullaitivu conducted a needs assessment among displaced children living in the Mallavi and Manthai East division in Mullaitivu district.

- SCiSL built activity gardens at five pre-schools with displaced children in Poonakary division. 600 students including 80 displaced students from Kanakampikaikkulam MV were given stationery items and exercise books by SCiSL.

- ZOA through its implementing partner started the construction of two temporary pre-schools in Chundikkulam.


- On 20 April, SCiSL distributed new school uniform material to 80 displaced children originating from Vaharai and other eastern districts since the beginning of the year.

Health and Nutrition

- The DPDHS Mullaitivu received 535 bags of the 'Thriposa' nutritional supplement [one bag weighs 27.5 Kg] allocated for March, from Vavuniya last week for their distribution through health clinics to children under five years and pregnant and lactating mothers. The DPDHS also received 20.8 MT of high energy biscuits from UNICEF for the same group. Similarly, UNICEF supplied 38.06 MT of high energy biscuits to all three MOH [Medical Officer of Health] divisions in Kilinochchi. UNICEF has initiated therapeutic feeding centers at the hospital level to support the children (mainly IDPs) suffering from malnutrition.

- On 24 April, UNICEF distributed adult and child hygiene kits along with NFRI packages to eight displaced families currently from areas closer to FDLs of Vavuniya and Mannar and now settled in Puvarasankulam, Mullaitivu district.

- The new furniture items provided by NECORD [North East Community Restoration and Development Project] to the newly built Mullaitivu district General Hospital have been stored in Vavuniya for over five months due to delays in getting permission from the Ministry of Defence for its transportation.


- WFP brought in 190 MT of wheat flour for its IDP dry ration distribution and 64 MT of Corn Soya Blend for its Mother and Child Nutrition programme in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts.

- The District Secretariat of Kilinochchi reports that the 16th week IDP dry rations are being distributed with WFP assistance, although the IDPs are eligible for 36 weeks of food rations. Transportation of food commodities from the South was a major reason for this gap. The GA- Kilinochchi has also instructed all MPCSs to start the 17 and 18 week of ration. In addition, a request for dry ration supply for 166 IDPs families newly arrived from Manthai West and areas closer to Vavuniya FDL has been sent by GA to Colombo last week.

Food Security

- On 23 and 24 April, FAO with the logistics support of WFP brought in eight lorry loads of fishing nets worth 35 million rupees to the districts to distribute to the fishing community affected by the tsunami and conflict. Over 536 fishermen will benefit.

- FAO through FORUT organized one-day training on food security at the Arasapuram IDP settlement [Poonakary] on 23 April where 89 beneficiaries participated.

Mine Action

- NPA [Norwegian peoples Aid] is conducting an assessment at the Mannakulam IDP location just south of Mannakulam [Mullaitivu district] where 35 IDP families have been settled. Some UXO's and parts of land mines have been found in the area. The MRE [Mine Risk Education] team is also on site to raise awareness for the recently displaced people living there.


- The Danish Refugee Council (DRC), funded by UNHCR, conducted a two-day workshop on Human Rights for staff at the AGA office Karachchi on 20 and 21 April.

- The restrictions on transport of goods to/from the Vanni continue to pose challenges for the civilian population as well as the ability of the relief community to assist IDPs.