Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Vavuniya, Mannar, Jaffna, Trincomalee, Batticaloa & Ampara Situation Report #77

Situation Report
Originally published


31 May - 07 June 2007


Situation update

Shelling continued in some areas.

Internally Displaced Persons

The GA-Mullaitivu reported on 05 June that the Government had granted permission to distribute food rations to 220 families displaced from the Eastern districts at the beginning of the year, who had not been approved for food ration handouts for the last 5 months.

Sector Response


As of 6 June, UNHCR through UNOPS had completed the distribution of temporary shelter material for 71 displaced families in Karachchi division-Kilinochchi while the beneficiaries have thatched the roofs of 59 such houses. UNHCR through FORUT distributed shelter material to 52 displaced families in Thunukkai (AGA division Mullaitivu) last week.


On 01 June, WFP brought in 43.2 MT of CSB (Corn Soya Blend) to Kilinochchi to distribute with its ongoing nutrition programme in the districts, where 30,000 beneficiaries are covered.


WUSC (World University Service of Canada) together with Kilinochchi Tech (a skill development institute) inaugurated a carpentry training programme for the displaced, youth and former LTTE child recruits. Trainees will receive during the ten month training a total of Rs. 10,000.00 worth of tools as well as Rs. 840 monthly allowance and a bicycle instead of a traveling allowance.


GA-Kilinochchi has issued orders to MPCSs (Multi-Purpose Cooperative Societies) to commence the provision of the 19th and 20th week's WFP dry ration distribution to those displaced after August 2006. Although the IDPs are eligible for 38 weeks of food rations, there are delays due to transport issues.

On 01 June, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) distributed supplementary food packages for 35 displaced families settled in Uruththirapureeswaram village (Kilinochchi).

Food Security

On 4 June, FAO Kilinochchi and the NGO Council with the assistance of the Dept. of Animal Production & Health provided training on Backyard Poultry Management to 160 recent IDPs under the supervision of Oxfam.


NPA (Norwegian People Aid) visited several IDP locations in the districts in order to raise mine awareness among the IDPs.

The HDU (Humanitarian De-mining Unit) with the collaboration of NPA deployed one manual de-mining section to Maritimepattu DS division (Mullaitivu) to clear a minefield located near an IDP camp.

A UNICEF and NPA joint team visited a number of IDP locations in Pullumachchinathankulam and Olumadu in Mullaitivu district and carried out mine awareness activities.


Situation update

Situation remains tense in the Vavuniya and Mannar district.

Internally Displaced Persons

The GA office reports 4,452 families (15,986 individuals) as displaced in Mannar and 2,329 families (8,190 individuals) as displaced in Vavuniya.

Sector Response


DRC has cleared 18 acres of land in Thampanaikulam in Madhu DS division and 10 acres of land in Arthimoddai in Nanaddan DS division for 214 families in Thampanaikulam and Arthimoddai to be relocated from a welfare center.

UNHCR through FORUT completed the clearing of the Kalmadhu relocation site (Vavuniya DS division) and is waiting for the land to be allocated to the beneficiaries.

On 01 June 2007, UNHCR and its partner RDF did a technical consultation at the site of Kankankulam in Chedikkulam (Vavuniya district). The beneficiaries continue their work on their individual plots and have begun to assist in casting the cement blocks.

NRC started to repair the roof of nine halls in Sithamparampuram welfare center in Vavuniya district.


WFP transported 9 MT of rice, 1.6 MT wheat flour, 2 MT of dhal, sugar and vegetable oil to Mannar district and 25.7 MT of rice, 2.3 MT of dhal, sugar and 2 MT of vegetable oil to Vavuniya district.

World Vision gave supplementary food 35 IDPs at the Poonthoddam welfare center in Vavuniya district.

Food Security

On 28 May, FAO in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture distributed red onion bulbs to 33 selected resettled families in Vavuniya and Chedikkulam DS Division.


UNHCR facilitated a meeting with the local police for recently displaced in Avaranthulawa in Vavuniya south DS division as they reported issues related to schooling and employment.

On 31 May, SHADE conducted an awareness programme on tobacco smoking through hand bills, advertisement on local TV, banners, group discussions and television shows at the Ponthoddam welfare center.

NRC has started on renovating children's parks in Sithamparampuram welfare center in Vavuniya district.


UNHCR - Mannar office distributed 17 NFRI packages to displaced persons.

SCiSL distributed NFRIs to 47 IDP families currently with host families in Nellukkulam GN division (Vavuniya DS division)

Water and Sanitation

The DPDHS with Oxfam conducted the water testing of 15 wells in Poovarasankulam and Koomangkulam in Vavuniya DS Division.