Sri Lanka: Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Trincomalee, Batticaloa & Ampara Situation Report #53

from Inter-Agency Standing Committee Sri Lanka
Published on 14 Dec 2006
7-14 December 2006


Situation update

The general situation in Kilinochchi is calm and quiet except for the sporadic shelling which took place on the evenings of 8th and 13th December at the Muhamalai FDL (Forward Defence Line).

On 11 December there was a demonstration organized by the Federation of the Kilinochchi District Civil Society to condemn the civilian killings in Vaharai and to request the opening of the A9 road. All shops in Kilinochchi town were closed in the morning while hundreds of people from civil society took part in the demonstration.

Internally Displaced Persons

The IDP figures in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts were stable the past week. Secondary displacement for reasons to pursue income generating opportunities and daily jobs were also minimal.

Sector Response


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is building temporary shelters for those displaced after 11 August at several locations. DRC has used timber and jungle poles that were bought and transported from Vavunia in November for these constructions.

- In Kunchuparanthan (Kilinochchi), 40 temporary shelters out of a committed 64 have been completed and are occupied by the IDP families who were previously living in communal places.

- In Ramanathapuram (Kilinochchi), 20 temporary shelters out of a committed 30 have been completed and are occupied by IDP families who were previously living with friends and relatives.

- In Arasapuram (Poonakary division, Kilinochchi), 40 temporary shelters out of a committed 145 have been completed and all are occupied to date.

Water and Sanitation

To alleviate the current acute shortage of water and sanitation facilities in some of the newly built temporary shelter sites for displaced families, aid agencies discussed the issue at an interagency meeting on 14 December to find a solution for the problem and take immediate action.

The lack of water and sanitation facilities (insufficient number of toilets and drinking water supplies for the IDPs) is the major reason for the low occupancy rate observed in some settlement locations where temporary shelters have been built.

In the Sivanagar IDP settlement (Uruthirapuram area) WUSC has completed 50 per cent of the construction of six units of temporary latrines.

In Thevipuram, and Theravil (Mullaitivu) Oxfam has completed the construction of two tube wells, and two tube wells and two units of latrines to date respectively. Each latrine unit has four compartments with a single pit.


On 13 December FORUT distributed 200 mosquito nets to IDPs in Karialainagapaduvan (Poonakary division, Kilinochchi).

During the reporting period, OXFAM in conjunction with UNHCR distributed NFRIs to 500 IDP families in Kilinochchi district.

Health and Nutrition

At the health meeting held in Mullaitivu on 12 December, the DPDHS (Deputy Provincial Director of Health Services) Mullaitivu stated that the 4th quarter medical drugs for the Mullaitivu district hospitals are waiting in Vavuniya town. This is because no permission has been granted by the Ministry of Defence to transport these medicines across the Omanthai FDL.

For over two months the district hospitals have been functioning with this shortage of medical drugs. The DPDHS stated that no hospital and medical institution would be able to service people if these drugs are not received within one week.

Several awareness programmes on Chikungunya fever preventive measures were conducted by the DPDHS offices of Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu the past week.

- In Kilinochchi, 2 through 9 December were declared "Chikungunya awareness days" by the DPDHS. During this period, awareness classes for school teachers and children, house to house visits by health personnel, and arrangements to destroy mosquito breeding sites were organized by the health department.

- In Mullaitivu, the DPDHS organized awareness programs for people living in tsunami camps, IDP locations.


The MPCS (Multi Purpose Cooperative Societies) transported the following food and NFRIs to Mullaitivu district the past week. It is to be used for the general public's consumption in the district.

- 50 MT wheat flour and 20 MT of NFRIs (December 7); 50 MT wheat flour and 43,500 liter kerosene oil (December 8) and 40,050 liter Kerosene oil, 10 MT of poultry feed and 12,300 'day old chicken' vaccines (December 9).

- 15.615 MT Dhal, 5.3MT milk food and 86.319 MT commodities (December 7); 18.758 MT of ingredients (December 8) and 4.5 MT milk food and 29.295 MT other food items like cow bee, green gram, noodles and black gram (December 9)


UNICEF has completed the construction of 30 temporary sheds (100 ft. X 25 ft.) at schools in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. The sheds will be used to accommodate students who have been displaced since 11 August. The construction of a remaining 8 sheds is ongoing.