Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Vavuniya, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara Situation Report # 103


30 November - 07 December 2007 </div>

KILINOCHCHI & MULLAITIVU DISTRICTS and Manthai West (located in Mannar district but covered by Kilinochchi district)

Situation update

- On 5 December, movement restriction for the UN in Kilinochchi was lifted in some areas. UN agencies in Kilinochchi were instructed to operate vehicles up to Akkarayan via Skandapuram in Karachchi AGA division and from Akkarayan to Jeyapuram in Poonakary AGA division. In Mullaitivu, UN agencies were allowed to travel from Mankulam to Thunukkai via Mallavi.

- INGOs and UN agencies limited programmes implementation in the Vanni last week due to the volitale security situation. Some agencies working with local implementing partners were able to conducted limited activities for IDPs and vulnerable people.

- 06 December, FORUT restarted operations in Kilinochchi after it suspended activities on 27 November following aerial bombardments on a local radio station that damaged its office.

- 5 December, UN Volunteers Day observed in Kilinochchi with UNHCR organizing several activities.

Internally Displaced Persons

- 30 November, AGA Karachchi (Kilinochchi district) reported that 341 families (1,242 individuals) were displaced from Uruthirapuram East and Jeyanthinagar areas following aerial bombardments on 26 and 28 November. Most of the displaced families are sheltering in a church and a Hindu temple close to their villages. However, there were no changes to IDP statistics of the GA and AGA offices in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts. The total displaced figure stands at 83,364 individuals and 22,287 families as reported last week.

Sector Response


- Oxfam completed the construction of 15 temporary shelters at IDP locations in Kilinochchi district.

- As of 5 December, Oxfam has assisted 220 IDP families re-thatch temporary shelters that were erected in early 2006.

- The Sewa Lanka Foundation (SLF), IOM implementing partner for temporary shelter in Manthai West, completed the construction of 30 shelters in Illuppaikkadawai and Anthonypuram for IDPs displaced from areas close to the FDL Mannar.


- WFP transported 150 MT of wheat flour, 60 MT of dhal and 50 MT of sugar for distribution covering 42, 238 beneficiaries in Kilinochchi district and 32,564 beneficiaries in Mullaitivu district.

Water and Sanitation

- As of 5 December, Oxfam had completed the construction of 12 tube wells in Kilinochchi and one tube well in Mullaitivu, targeting one tube well per 40 IDP families.

- Oxfam completed the construction of 15 wells in the Vadamarachchi east areas where nearly 700 IDP families displaced from areas closer to the Nargakovil FDL are residing.

- Oxfam renovated a latrine unit (four sections with a single pit) in Thevipuram for 20 families.

- Oxfam conducted a campaign on the importance of maintaining surrounding areas with the participation of 40 health promoters in Vannankulam, Mullaitivu.


- 3 December, Oxfam distributed six water filters, 30 mosquito nets, 30 thermos flasks and five cooking sets to an Elders' Home in Kilinochchi with 30 occupants.


- Oxfam with the support of the Regional Director for Health Services (RDHS) conducted an awareness training on disaster preparedness for 105 staff members including 72 female staffers from the Mullaitivu Health Department.

- Save the Children in Sri Lanka (SCiSL) organized a child led advocacy programme in the Therankandal and Vadakadu villages in Mullaitivu for 160 children and their parents. SCiSL also established a parents' group of 17 members in Pannakandy, Kilinochchi.

- 30 November, Norwegian People Aid (NPA) deployed a manual mine verification team to the FORUT office compound in Kilinochchi as an extra precautionary measure.

- NPA's Mine Risk Education (MRE) team conducted mine awareness programmes for 200 families in two villages in Kilinochchi town.

- UNHCR Kilinochchi organized several activities to observe World HIV/AIDS awareness day. Awareness raising activities were conducted on 1, 3 and 4 December in Mullaitivu with events organized in hospitals and AGA offices.


- 30 November, UNICEF through the local NGO Annai Illam conducted a psycho-social training for 56 students of the Kilinochchi Central College.


- 1-5 December, the Zonal Director Education of Kilinochchi organized trainings on emergency education inclusive of psycho-social components, for 59 teachers from two schools in the Kilinochchi Zone. The Exercise was funded by UNICEF.

- SCiSL opened of two Child Friendly Spaces at Therankandal and Vadakadu in Mullaitivu, which will benefit 80 children.


- World Vision screened 200 children from five pre-schools in the Kilinochchi town areas to evaluate their health and nutritional status.

- OXFAM provided emergency assistance including over 100 bed sheets, 200 sarongs and 20 pairs of gloves to the Kilinochchi general hospital.

Capacity Building

- SCiSL through the Social and Economic Development Organization (SEDO) conducted a capacity building programme for 22 children of a children's club in Barathipuram.