Sri Lanka: Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Mannar, Vavuniya, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara districts Situation Report # 137

from Inter-Agency Standing Committee Sri Lanka
Published on 31 Jul 2008 View Original
24-31 July 2008

IDP situation as reported this week by GAs
Displacement after April 2006

Number of Families
Number of Individuals


Situation update

- The general security situation in Jaffna remained tense during the week, with daily shelling towards LTTE positions in Poonakary.

- A new system of registration of CDMA phones has been introduced requiring private CDMA phone owners to register with the police. Only a few CDMA phones are currently operating. The Mobile phone network is functioning intermittently.

- On 30 July, the Chief Security Commander held a meeting with I/NGOs, UN agencies, Hospital and University representatives, and Government officials to provide an update on new security clearance procedures for national staff traveling out of Jaffna. The meeting was attended by approximately 225 persons. The new procedure will be introduced from 01 August 2008. Security clearances for official travel can be obtained within 48 hours, compared to the current practice of 10 days.

Displacement/ Returns

- No major movements were observed this week.

KILINOCHCHI & MULLAITIVU DISTRICTS & Manthai West (located in Mannar district but covered by Kilinochchi district)

Situation update

- The general security situation in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts remains tense and unpredictable due to ongoing military operations and exchange of mortar /artillery shelling around the northern and southern FDL areas, claymore mine attacks and air attacks deep inside the Vanni area. The bulk of artillery activity remains confined to the main battle areas along the northern and southern FDL areas.

- Fighting continues north of Illupaikkadavai in Mannar and Oddankulam, Kalvilan and around Mallavi, Thunukkai in Mullaitivu district. Shelling continues close to Koddaikaddiyakulam, Vellankulam and Mulankavil areas. Affected populations continued to displace north towards Akkarayan.

- The IASC strongly condemned the forced removal of assets and the intimidation of staff working for the Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA) in Kilinochchi District and called upon the LTTE to act on the formal complaint lodged by NPA to ensure the immediate return of the stolen items.

- Sri Lanka Telecom phone lines for communication outside of the Vanni have been turned off since 23 July, although telephone communication within the Vanni functions.


- The GA-Kilinochchi reports that 9,372 families have been registered as IDPs in 42 villages in Karachchi AGA division while 2,291 families have been registered as IDPs in 8 villages in Poonakary division during the past four weeks. Registration of IDPs continues throughout Kilinochchi district. Due to secondary displacements, overall displacement numbers will be adjusted accordingly.

- GA-Mullaitivu reports 1,504 families have been settled in Oddusuddan division while 1,086 families have been displaced and settled within Thunukkai AGA division following the new confrontations. Due to secondary displacements, overall IDP number will be adjusted accordingly.

Sector Developments/Gaps

- The RDHS Kilinochchi reported on 28 July shortages of the following drugs in District hospitals: Crystalline Penicillin injections, Metformin, Astrovastatin, Folic acid tablets, surgical spirit, W.O.W Bandage, Gauze Rolls, Salbutamol D.P Cap and Salbutamol inhaler. The RDHS also reports fuel shortages are affecting the hospital's ability to maintain ambulatory services and run generators for cold chain maintenance.

- On 31 July, GA-Kilinochchi reported receiving permission to transport 25 plastic water tanks (1,000 liter capacity) into the district through Oxfam. The GA is waiting for approval to transport into the district fuel for water bowsering.

- Last week, DRC transported 1,000 food parcels, 15,000 hygiene kits and 1,100 baby kits from Vavuniya for relief operations.

- Over the past week, WFP transported 130 MT of dhal and 10 MT of vegetable oil from Vavuniya for its ongoing dry ration distribution in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu districts. As of 28 July, WFP distribution includes food for 17,901 families (68,933 persons) in Kilinochchi and as of 18 July, 11,308 families (41,050 people) in Mullaitivu. The GA is currently re-assessing the number of beneficiaries in light of the new displacements.

- WFP awaits MoD clearance to transport 63.5 MT of CSB for its Mother and Child Nutrition programme in the Vanni.