Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: IOM and Saudis to build model city for tsunami victims

IOM and the Saudi Charity Campaign (SCC) have signed a US$10 million joint cooperation agreement to build a model housing development in Akkaraipattu in Ampara district on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

The project, funded by the SCC, will consist of 500 housing units and necessary infrastructure including water, electricity, sanitation and access roads, along with other facilities such as a school, a hospital, a market, a bus stand, a multi-purpose hall and a mini stadium. The SCC has also agreed to donate two buses to facilitate transport in the area

The government of Sri Lanka and the local authorities have agreed to provide electricity and water distribution, public lighting and a water tank. The government will select the tsunami-affected families to move into the development.

For further information please contact: Omar Rincon at IOM Geneva, Tel: +41 22 717 94 76. Email: or Passanna Gunasekera at IOM Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 5333 432 Ext. 213, Email: