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Sri Lanka: Heavy rains - President orders adequate protection to citizens

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Heavy rainfall and strong winds in a number of areas including Colombo since yesterday (3rd May) has resulted in traffic blocks, power failures and overflowing of the drainage system which led to the deaths and many hazards to citizens.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed the officials of the Urban Development Authority, Colombo Municipal Council, the Road Development Authority and all other relevant institutions to carry out proper maintenance and immediate repairs to all relevant facilities; take immediate action to control the situation and implement an immediate programme to educate the people about the present dangers from adverse weather conditions.

If there is any unprotected place or other hazard posing a danger to citizens in the Colombo city and the adjacent areas, the following authorities may be informed over the phone:

Telephone Numbers

Chairman, Urban Development Authority 2873645, 2877473, 0773346700

Chairman, Road Development Authority 2862767, 077- 3129438

Mayor, Colombo Municipal Council 2684289, 2678422,0777-358678

Municipal Commissioner 2678425, 2691191, 0777-313444

Deputy Municipal Commissioner 0777-313256

President's Office emphasizes that in the other parts of the island too, the relevant officials should be especially vigilant about the hazards to citizens from bad weather conditions.