Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Floods (Disaster Management Center of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Meteorological Department, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 2 June 2022)

Amid worst-ever economic crisis, Sri Lanka is experiencing localized flooding in the Sabaragamuwa, Central and Western Provinces due to heavy rains over the past three days. According to the Disaster Management Centre, the flood has caused one death and over 22,338 people affected including 690 people displaced in 10 community shelters. Approximately 174 houses have been reported damaged. Government has deployed 13 disaster response relief teams and 25 others in standby to provide respond to the crisis. The Sri Lankan Meteorological Department predicts continued heavy showers over the Western, central, southern and Sabaragamuwa provinces during the next 24 hours. The National Building and Research Organisation (NBRO) has issued a landslide evacuation (Red) alert for hilly areas in the Ratnapura district.