Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Eastern province situation report Jul 2005

General Situation
NGO activity has been disturbed due to the prevailing situation in Trincomalee. The temporary shelter activities will most probably end within two months. At the moment most of the agencies are involved in livelihood activities. Some organisations have started to construct permanent houses for affected families and others are ready to start their activities.

The Conference Hall built by the Government at the District Secretariat premises was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs.

Mercy Corps has signed an agreement with Trincomalee District Cricket Association (TDCA) to conduct a Multi -- Ethnic Cricket Tournament to build mutual understanding between the ethnic groups and to alleviate the depression and shock which continues to affect Tsunami victims.

CPN members observed that some agencies involved in providing temporary shelters are using low quality GI pipes and tin sheets which make people feel uncomfortable.

Some agencies involved in providing temporary shelters do not have allocation for the power supply (wiring). (Source: CPN Meeting, July)

Disabled people continue to suffer in camps and temporary shelters. There are conflict areas of settlement causing delay in housing of construction.

School facilities are available to children at their camps/temporary shelters but study conditions are not satisfactory and their work is affected badly. Damaged schools are being renovated.

Most of the employees are engaged in clearing affected areas and reconstruction. This employment can last for one year and until then they will not take interest in other employment.

Most roads are damaged and some areas are inaccessible due to damages to bridges. People are suffering due to high cost in using three wheelers.

Families where the breadwinner was killed due to the Tsunami are not considered for Tsunami relief assistance as their areas of residence was not directly affected.