Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Easter Sunday attack - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) update n° 2 DREF n° MDRLK009

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Summary of the operation update:

This operation update informs on the extension of the implementation timeframe until 6 November 2019 due to these reasons:

  • Challenges faced in implementing school programmes. After the attack, schools were closed for a few weeks and due to security reasons, the government also restricted school activities for a few months. Furthermore, the government also considered a shorter August vacation to compensate the unexpected school closure in end April-May. However, the vacation schedule has not been changed and schools will be closed for 28 days in August. At present, school activities are clashing with the school exams and school holidays.

  • Furthermore, it has been observed that the needs of each district, as well as the overall context, has evolved in the past three months faster than anticipated. Therefore, some of the planned activities had to be changed.

  • SLRCS is encouraging branches to follow community engagement process, which is very effective but time consuming. On the ground, efforts are underway in forming community level sub-committees together with other stakeholders to ensure that the projects are being organized and giving ownership to the beneficiaries. For some activities, multiple partners are involved (more and more partners are coming on-board) and therefore it takes time to coordinate with certain parties and organize such events.

The overall operation budget remains the same.