Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka daily update 24 Apr 2007

Fisherman Escapes from LTTE Custody

MANNAR: SEVERAL FISHERMEN HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED BY THE LTTE on last 18th when they were fishing in MANNAR sea.

STF Personnel Recovers Mines and Accessories

AMPARA: SPECIAL TASK FORCE PERSONNEL CONDUCTING ROUTE CLEARING PATROL in THANGAVELAYUDAPURAM area recovered under mentioned mines and accessories around 10.00 a.m. on Monday (23).

LTTE Female Child Soldier Surrenders to the Security Forces

BATTICALOA: ON MONDAY (23) AROUND 3.30 P.M. A LTTE FEMALE child soldier from the un-cleared areas surrendered to the Security Forces in SITHTHANDY. She revealed that she was trained in a female training camp identified as " PANCHCHIMARCHANI" in the TOPPIGALA area. She also has stated that she escaped and surrendered to the Security Forces as the LTTE had sustained a severe defeat in the TOPPIGALA area.

Five Killed & Thirty Five Injured By LTTE Claymore Mine Explosion

VAVUNIYA: LTTE TERRORISTS ON MONDAY (23) around 11.30 p.m. targeted a civilian passenger bus which had left MANNAR around 9.50 p.m. by detonating a Claymore mine fixed beside the MANNAR -MEDAWACHCHIYA road near the 33 km post in the MENIK FARM area.

LTTE Claymore Mine Targets Another Bus Transporting Civilians

VAVUNIYA: TIGER TERRORISTS EXPLODED ANOTHER PASSENGER BUS killing around 03 civilians and injuring around 37 at MANIK FARM in the MANNAR-MADAWACHCHIYA road around 11.30 p.m. yesterday (23).

The passenger bus was heading to COLOMBO from MANNAR.