Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka daily update 17 May 2007

ICRC Withdraws From Omanthai Under LTTE Mortar Fire

VAVUNIYA: LTTE TERRORISTS HAD FIRED MORTARS INTERMITTENTLY at the OMANTHAI ENTRY / EXIT point in VAVUNIYA. Today (17), the LTTE terrorists again fired mortars at 1015 a.m. Due to the LTTE firing mortars at the exit/entry point , the ICRC representatives who were stationed at the OMANTHAI checkpoint had withdrawn resulting in the Check point being temporarily closed. These are the cruel tactics of the LTTE terrorists to deprive their own people of their freedom of movement, food and essential items moving via Omanthai.

Yesterday (16), the LTTE fired mortars East of Madhu and in the retaliatory fire by the Security Forces many Tigers were killed and severely wounded. .TWO bodies of Tigers handed over to the ICRC could not be sent to the Un cleared areas due to Tiger Mortar fire.

Civilians under the grip of the Tigers and in fear of their children being forcibly conscripted are also unable to escape to the areas under the control of the Security Forces due to the continuous LTTE mortar fire.

Tigers Fire Mortars At Uyilankulam

MANNAR: LTTE TERRORIST TARGETED THE UYILANKULAM ENTRY/ EIXT POINT with mortar fire today (17) at 6.15 a.m. No damage reported to the Security Forces.

14 Tigers Reported Killed and 12 Injured In Confrontations

EAST Of MADHU: IN THE CONFRONTATIONS BETWEEN THE LTTE terrorists and the Security Forces in the EAST MADHU area a total of FOURTEEN Tigers have been killed on Wednesday (16) and Twelve have been reported injured.

Confrontation in Madu Inflict Heavy Damages to LTTE

MANNAR - MADU: CONFRONTATION BETWEEN SECURITY FORCES AND LTTE TODAY (17) in MADU area resulted in 06 LTTE terrorists being killed. 06 dead bodies along with weapons and large quantity of warlike equipments were recovered. 06 soldiers were also injured in the confrontation. Since yesterday (16) 20 LTTE terrorists were killed during conflict with troops in MADU area.

LTTE Fired mortars for the Second Time

MANNAR: LTTE TERRORIST FIRED MORTARS AT UILANKULAM ENTRY/EXIT POINT for the second time today (17) at 13.45 p.m. The Entry/Exit Point was temporary closed due to the LTTE mortar fire. Civilians who travel through the UILANKULAM Entry/Exit Point faces hard ship due to temporary closure of the entry/exit point.