Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Counseling services for war-effected -- Minister Devananda

Minister of Social Service and Social Welfare said that measures have been taken to conduct counseling service to treat the people affected by the war.

Minister Devananda pointed out that the Ministry will originate this counseling programme in the liberated areas of the North and East to promote mental health of internally displaces people (IDPs). Also it is expected to obtain the service of psychologists to treat people suffering from the fear psychosis due to the war.

Minister Devananda assumed that there was understandable verification that men, women, and IDPs in the liberated areas of the North and East were suffering from terror psychosis, mental imbalance and various other types of mental disorder due to the war-related incidents.

He noted that the Government was of the opinion that the counseling service would not only promote the mental health of people but also contribute to restrain social problems.

In addition he informed that massive development activities and food production programs has been given priority in the recently liberated areas.