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Sri Lanka: Continuous flow of essential items to Wanni- Commissioner of Essential Services

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There is no food shortage in Wanni and the Government is taking prompt and effective measures to ensure that the region is continuously provided with adequate supplies of essential items, Commissioner of Essential Services, S.B. Divaratne said in Colombo yesterday (16).

He said that the predictions made by several NGOs claiming that a scarcity of foods can occur if Wanni operations continued have been proved false as the region is maintaining a buffer stock for two to three months in all items.

Accordingly the Government has sent 500-700 metric tons of essential items to these areas, and is maintaining a 5000 metric ton buffer stock of rice in Killinochchi and Mullathivu.

He pointed out that Government acted promptly to repair a bridge at a cost of Rs. 30 million which was blown by the LTTE to disorder the transport of food to Wanni civilians.

He revealed that hardly any country in the world that would make such a commitment while engaging a ruthless terrorist to ensure that people living in non-liberated areas are provided food and other basic needs.