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Sri Lanka: Claymore blast in Kebetigollawe

News and Press Release
Originally published
Date: 15.06.2006
Place: Kebetigollawa(Yakawewa), Anuradhapura District
Time: 7:50 a.m.

A claymore mine explosion ripped through a civilian bus near the remote predominantly Sinhalese village of Kabithigollewa along the northern border of the Anuradhapura district early on 15 June 2006. 62 civilian passengers, including eight children were killed and around 75 were wounded. It happened when a civilian bus hit a Claymore mine near Kebetigollawe of Anuradhapura, 23 km southeast of Vavuniya, at 0750 hrs today. Wounded passengers were rushed to Kebetigollawe and Anuradhapura hospitals.

40 wounded persons have been airlifted to general hospitals in Colombo from Anuradhapura hospital. Government, supported by World vision, SLRCS Anuradhapura branch and Care International supported transport of injured to the hospital. About 450 families fled the affected area, and have taken refuge in a Kebetigollawe Mahavidyalaya, due to rising social tensions.


Following the incident, the people, 1600 individuals of 450 families of Yakawewa village displaced to the Kebitipola Maha Vidyalaya (College). It is expected to move more people to the school from other neighbouring villages.

Immediate Needs/ services:

  • Accommodating the displaced people, providing food/ water, sleeping mats, Jerry cans, Hygiene kits, baby parcels.

  • Sanitation Facilities & water bowsers, and possibly, community kitchens (More information is needed before this support is decided).
Government Action:
  • Co-ordinating with the humanitarian agencies

  • Setting up camps
Red Cross Action:

The BEO of the branch was in touch with government authorities, and supported following activities:

  • SLRCS Madavachchi Unit branch volunteers, 10 in numbers provided assistance in registration of the dead bodies and their disposal, with appropriate last rituals.

  • Though most were not willing to have lunch, SLRCS branch did provided snacks/ light meals and drinking water bottles to the displaced people.

  • SLRCS local branch will support breakfast on 16th morning. Discussions are on with government and others, to continue this support, till these IDPs find situation normal for return.

  • Branch Secretary visited the hospital to assess needs of injured people.

  • Branch has provided First Aid kit to IDP Camp in the college.
Others Organisations:

World Vision and Care International are also involved in humanitarian assistance. The Care International has joined hands in taking the dead bodies to the registration point and disposal.

The World Vision has made arrangements to support dinner on 15th Thursday, for displaced people.