Sri Lanka: Army Troops & De-mining Organizations recover a large assortment of explosives items etc

from Government of Sri Lanka
Published on 24 Aug 2010 View Original
De-mining operations continued yesterday (23) in the WANNI, MANNAR, KILLINOCHCHI, MULLAITIVU and the EAST . In the WANNI, Army Troops conducting clearing operations in the 56 Army Division area recovered 48 "Rangan 99 " AP mines from MAHILANKULAM yesterday (23) while the Horizon De- mining Organization recovered 01 x anti tank mine from the same area.

The FSD De-mining Organization conducting clearing operations in the Army 61 Division area yesterday (23) recovered 30 x AP mines from KANNADI while the Horizon Organization recovered 06 x AP mines from MALLAWARAYANKADDAIADAMPAN .Meanwhile the MAG Organization unearthed 14 x AP mines from PERIPANDIVIRCHCHAN while the FSD Organization recovered 04 x AP mines from IRANILUPPAIKULAM and the Sarvatra Organization recovered 52 x 'Jony' AP mines from PARASANKULAM yesterday.

Clearing operations in the MANNAR 215 Brigade area also yielded mines & Unexploded Ordnance(UXOs) as Army Troops recovered 03 x AP mines from KOLLANKULAN while the MAG Organization recovered 56 x AP mines and 03 x UXOs from NEDUNKANDAL.

Army Troops engaged in clearing operations in the KILLINOCHI Division area on Monday (23) recovered from VISUAMADU a large quantity of US(unserviceable ) explosives items which included 15 x 60mm mortar bombs, 03 x LTTE hand grenades , 07 x ARGUS hand grenades, 09 RPG bombs , 17 x parts of RPG bomb , 01 x 81 mm mortar bomb, 01 x 122 mm mortar bomb, 01 x 130 mortar bomb , 01 x 2.5Kg claymore mine, 02 x Arul bombs and 01 x 82 AP mine.

In the Army 59 Division area in MULLAITIVU, Troops recovered from VELLAMULLAVAIKKAL, 01 x RPG (HEAT) bomb, 04 x 60 x mm mortar bombs, 15 ARGUS hand grenades and 12 x 82 mm mortar bombs. Meanwhile, Troops conducting clearing operations in the 68 Army Division, recovered 04 x 82mm mortar bombs of Chinese origin from PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU, MULLAITIVU , as well as 4500x MPMG rounds, 02 x 12.5kg claymore mines, 18 x 2.5kg claymore mines , 12 x 6kg claymore mines, 03 x 81 mm mortar bombs, 61 x unidentified fuses, 58 x non -electric detonators, 03 x trip flare switches, 04 x Arc Welding plants, an electric winch and cutter yesterday (23) while Troops in the 23 Army Division area, EAST, recovered 03 x K400 US hand grenades.