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Sri Lanka: Army 68 Division recover large stocks of Claymore mines , MPMG rounds/mortar bombs etc from Mullaittivu area

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MULLAITTIVU : Army 68 Division recovered a haul of 4000 x live MPMG rounds and a stock of 148 x Hand Grenades during search operations conducted in PUDUKUDIYIRIPPU area, MULLAITTIVU on yesterday (30).

Army 68 Division Troops also recovered the military items as given below during search operations conducted in NILWELIKULAM area, MULLAITTIVU on yesterday (30).

60mm mortar bombs 28

Booby traps 09

Anti personnel mines 05

120mm mortar bombs 01

81mm mortar bombs 04

C4 explosives 15kg

RPG bombs 28

82mm mortar bombs 10

15kg Claymore mines 05

24Kg claymore mines 04

10Kg Claymore mines 09

Anti personnel mines 07