Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: 81 disaster relief centres now in operation

Minister of Disaster Management A.H.M. Fowzie stated today that over 502,917 people from 115,610 families have been affected by the floods caused by torrential rain and the Government has taken immediate measures to provide relief to them.

Addressing the weekly cabinet briefing held at the Government Information Department, Minister pointed out that the Disaster Management Centre has set up 81 Disaster Relief Centers for homeless families.

The Government has distributed large sums of money among the District Secretaries of the affected areas to provide relief to flood victims.

Victims are provided with cooked meals and the government in coordination with the World Food Programme has arranged to provide victims with dry rations, he noted. He added that swift action should be taken on the health issues arising out of flooding in the urban and suburban areas.

Meanwhile, the Meteorology Department says that the rainy weather conditions developed due to a depression in the lower atmosphere over the island will continue tomorrow as well. This unusual weather pattern has also been caused by the activation of the South-Western monsoon period on top of the prevailing condition.