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South Asia: Yang Ming donates NT$10 million to tsunami victims

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To help the tsunami victims of South Asia, Yang Ming, in addition to offering free services to all international rescue and charity organizations approved by the governments for shipping relief goods from Yang Ming's worldwide ports of call to its ports of calls in South Asia, has decided to donate ten million NT dollars to the said area to facilitate the rescue and reconstruct work. Besides, Mrs. Nina Kung, one of Yang Ming's directors, donated in Hong Kong six million Hong Kong dollars to assist more people in the disaster area. Meanwhile, Yang Ming staff has spontaneously launched a fund-raising campaign to show their sympathy with the victims.

The free shipping services Yang Ming initiates gets great responses from different countries. Many ports across the world including Singapore, Oslo of Norway, Felixstowe of United Kingdom, and Stockholm and Goldenberg of Sweden will offer stevedoring services without any charges. Free truck service provided by DHL in Sweden and feeder service provided by UNIFEEDER also makes the delivery work more successful. Up to now, charity organization from Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, and German have booked spaces from Yang Ming and Yang Ming provides 50 TEUs (from U.S. west coast to South Asia) every week to deliver the relief goods. All of these rescue and relief goods are given top priority in the shipping schedule to ensure timely arrival in the disaster area.