Sri Lanka

Qatar Charity opens 5th multi-service center in Sri Lanka

Qatar Charity (QC) has opened a multi-service center in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, benefiting more than 500 people. The center includes 22 housing units and all basic facilities.

The multi-service center seeks to contribute to the resettlement of the second generation of families displaced due to crises experienced by the country previously, reduce the displacement and migration of the population in search of housing and water sources and provide them with the necessary health and educational services.

The QR900mn center aims to establish security and stability, improve the living conditions and social environment of the people affected by previous internal conflicts and provide housing for them.

It also aims at providing employment opportunities in the field of health, education and agriculture, contributing to community development and achieving social peace between different segments of society.

The 1,450-sqm center has 22 housing units, each spreading over 50 square meters, a mosque, a kindergarten, a health center, 4 shops, an artesian well with a water reservoir, green spaces and corridors.

The project comes in the context of resettling the second generation of poor Sri Lankan families that have suffered internal conflicts over 30 years.

Some of them are still displaced in villages in the north of the country and live in camps or makeshift homes lacking the most basic elements of a decent life.

It is worth mentioning that these families are considered vulnerable in the community and include farmers, fishermen and daily-wage workers, who are materially unable to build their own homes. Qatar Charity, through this project, aims to provide them with adequate houses, which have the necessary services and facilities.

The project was carried out in coordination with the Sri Lankan government authorities, which provided the land free of charge and facilitated the procedures of electrical connections to the units of the center built by Qatar charity. The Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka will operate the health center.

Qatar Charity’s humanitarian intervention in Sri Lanka dates back to 1993 when it used to work in co-ordination with local charities. It opened its office last March to directly oversee its projects and intensify its humanitarian and development efforts in the country.

In conjunction with the opening of its office in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo last year, Qatar Charity inaugurated four multi-service centers, each containing 22 houses (social housing units), a health center, a kindergarten, a mosque, an artesian water well, endowed shops and green spaces, benefiting hundreds of families.

With the opening of this center, the number of multi-service centers, inaugurated by Qatar Charity in Sri Lanka in a year, reached five centers.