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Japan extends further assistance for reconstruction in Killinochchi

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The Government of Japan has extended US$ 223,075 (approximately Rs.25million) grant aid for a reconstruction project in Killinochchi district in order to improve the living environment and livelihood of recent returnees in a conflict affected village in Kandavalai Divisional Secretary Division, Killinochchi.

Under “the project for assisting the socio-economic recovery of the resettled areas in Killinochchi District, the Northern Province,” various agricultural and fishery assistances will be provided. This project will be implemented by Sewalanka Foundation and would benefit more than 370 families directly.

Dr. Harsha KumaraNavaratna, Chairman of Sewalanka commenting on this project said;“the project will renovate small scale economic related infrastructure, whichwould include the construction of the fishery and community hall with water and sanitation facilities to benefit the fishing community and renovation of 3km of inner road leading to the seabeach area as well as renovation of two causeways and a culvertfront, which will contribute to improving livelihoodsof fishermen. In order to enable the farmers to engage in paddy cultivation a second season, the project will also support to construct water diversion bund and spill that will enable waters of Kalmadu Tank to be utilized by the farmer community in the Yala season. I thank the Government of Japan for the assistance given to fill socio and economic gaps of the returnees.”

This project is funded under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects scheme (GGP) and expected to provide significant impact on the lives of the resettled peoplein terms of ensuring human security. Since 1989, 226 such projects have been supported by GGP scheme, at a total cost of around US$ 29.5 million (around Rs. 3,400 million).

Japan and Sri Lanka celebrate the 60th anniversary of its diplomatic relations this year. During the last 6 decades, Japan and Sri Lanka have maintained strong mutual partnership. Japan has been a strong partner in Sri Lanka’s social and economic development, and provided Sri Lanka with assistance equivalent to 1,089 billion Japanese Yen (Approximately Rs. 1,525 billion) since 1965 as at the end of Japanese fiscal year of 2010, in the form of grants, Yen loans and technical cooperation mainly by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).Likewise, Japan has been supported by Sri Lanka atthe San Francisco Peace Conference in September 1951 and at the time ofthe Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. It is expected that this cooperative relationship between our two countries will be further strengthened and developed.

The Grant Contract was signed between His Excellency Mr. Nobuhito Hobo, Ambassador of Japan and Dr. HarshaKumara Navaratna, Chairman of Sewalanka on January 23, 2012 at the Ambassador’s Residence in Colombo.