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Islamic Relief is focussing most of its relief effort in the Ampara district, one of Sri Lanka's worst hit areas.

House Cleaning and Environmental Clearing Project

The tsunami made thousands of houses uninhabitable. Debris from fallen walls and buildings was washed into homes in the affected area and survivors had to find elsewhere to live.

Islamic Relief employed 600 local labourers to work clearing up the debris from houses and roads, allowing people to return to their homes.

More than 2,300 houses have been cleared in the Ampara district, and the local economy benefited from the employment generated by this project.

Temporary Homes

For families whose homes were destroyed, IR erected 330 temporary shelters and another 70 are under construction.

Each shelter consists of a single room with a veranda that can be developed into a second room or a kitchen.

The shelters may be needed for a longer period than the Sri Lankan government and the UNHCR first estimated, so IR is in the process of redesigning them so that they are more durable and more comfortable for families.

House Repair

Islamic Relief is working in densely populated areas of Sri Lanka where there was widespread destruction. Most of houses in this area were built with cheap materials that could not withstand the force of the waves.

Islamic Relief has started repair work in areas outside the main destruction zone, where houses are partially damaged.

IR engineers are currently carrying out surveys of damaged houses. Nearly 1,000 houses have been surveyed, and repair work on 112 houses in Karaitivu will begin soon.

All repair work will be carried out by labourers from the local community.

Widows, Widowers and Psychosocial Programme

IR is helping vulnerable groups such as widows and orphans recover from the disaster by helping them earn a living. IR has distributed production materials to 1,842 widows, widowers and orphans, and provides them with financial resources.

IR also provides educational support for children, and mental health support for 43 people.


A comprehensive livelihoods regeneration programme is being developed to help tsunami survivors recover financial stability.


Around 600,000 survivors of the disaster are currently living in camps. IR is planning to build permanent homes for 500 of the neediest families when plots become available.

Bus Donations

Asia Bus Response has donated 100 buses to Islamic Relief which will be shipped to Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

The buses will be used as mobile classrooms and school buses.