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Emergency Appeal to support victims of Flood in North-Eastern Sri Lanka

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As many as 818,242 people in Pollonnaruwa, Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Ampara have been affected by the region's worst flooding in years. The situation is bad and much help is needed for these people who are now placed in temporary safe shelters in their respective Districts. It is still raining heavily and according to the Meteorological Department it will continue to do so for the next day or so. The tanks are so full the authorities have had to open the sluice gates and let out the water - which is not making things any easier.

At present, our field teams are on the ground working to support all the victims affected by the flood. They are working to provide clean water, dry rations such as rice, dhal, sugar, salt, cooking oil, milk powder, tea, and biscuits as well as cooking utensils, sleeping mats, sanitary napkins, clothes for men and women of all age groups, mosquito nets, bed sheets, towels, hurricane and petromax lamps, tarpaulins, candles, soap, and 5 litre buckets. We are trying to provide support to 40,000 affected individuals in Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Ampara and Pollonnaruwa, which we are quite positive that we can achieve with your help.

Sewalanka Team prides itself on quick, effective responses -- responses that save lives and build the groundwork for long-term recovery.

Today Sewalanka Foundation is asking you to help us support the victims of the North Eastern floods.

Batticaloa is worst affected

Your donation -- in any amount -- can make a big difference.

Rs. 1,000 provides a family with clean drinking water for a week

Rs. 3,000 provides a family with a week's supply of dry rations (rice, dhal, sugar, cooking oil, tin fish, coconut milk powder)

Rs. 1,300 provides children under the age of five with milk for two weeks.

Rs. 1,650 provides a family with a sanitary kit (two soap bars, one large toothpaste, five toothbrush, two sanitary napkin packets, ten shampoo sachets, two laundry soap bars, five towels, one large bucket) for two weeks.

Rs. 2,500 provides a family with basic kitchen utensils (two saucepans, two cooking pots, two cooking spoons, five plates, five cups, knife, jug).

Donations are the most convenient and efficient way for you and for us to ensure we have the resources to respond to emergencies. Donations in kind are also welcome. You can drop them at our Head office in Boralesgamuwa or call Krishantha/Ashanti on; 2545362 - 5 and find out where the other collection points are around Colombo.

Many of you have supported our emergency responses in North, East and elsewhere -thank you for your kindness and generosity! By becoming a supporter, you'll provide resources to hard-hit communities when they need us most.

Speed, Efficiency, Commitment and Transparency are the hallmarks of Sewalanka's disaster response.

Please join us in speeding relief to families and helping them recover what they've lost.