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Emergency appeal to support people displaced by the fighting in northern Sri Lanka

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Although the military battle in northern Sri Lanka has finished, many challenges remain. More than a quarter million people have been displaced from their communities by the fighting. Over the past several weeks, they have all flooded into temporary camps in the north.

People arrived in the camps exhausted and malnourished after months of being trapped in the conflict zone. "They left everything behind. Most came to Vavuniya with nothing more than the clothes on their backs," says Thamil Thanabalasundaram, Sewalanka Foundation's North Regional Director.

Sewalanka is on the ground working directly with the children, women and men affected by this crisis. As a local organization, Sewalanka has direct access to the camps in both Vavuniya and Jaffna, and we are coordinating closely with the government, United Nations and other humanitarian agencies to fill gaps in the emergency response.

Sewalanka is preparing meals for 30,000 people, establishing shelter, water and sanitation facilities, providing water, supplementary food, and necessary non-food aid and coordinating psychosocial support services. "Everyone is trying their best, but feeding such an overwhelming amount of people three times a day is a huge task," says Annet Royce, who is coordinating Sewalanka's emergency response in Vavuniya.

We do not have enough resources to meet the needs in the camps, and we need your support. Even the smallest donation goes a long way:

US$150 covers the clean water needs (hygiene, cooking, cleaning, hydration) for a family of four for one week.

US$50 provides clothing for a family of four to six people.

US$25 provides supplementary protein and fresh vegetables for one person for an entire week.

US$10 provides clean drinking water for one person for an entire week.

We appreciate the support you have shown for Sewalanka's work in the past and we are asking you to contribute again to provide emergency assistance to the people who have been displaced by the fighting in the north. Your funds will help us have a positive impact on the lives of thousands of displaced families. Thank you.

How can I donate?

Sewalanka Foundation has established a dedicated bank account for donations to the Sewalanka IDP Emergency Appeal Fund.

We can now accept credit card payments through PayPal. Individual and group donations can also be made in person at any HSBC Branch or transferred electronically to the account below:

IDP Refugees

HSBC Bank Account

Account Name: Sewalanka Foundation

Account Number:005-01-4089-001

Account Type: Current

Swift Code: HSBC LKLX

Bank Branch: HSBC Nugegoda

Bank Branch Address: No.171 Nawala Road, Nugegoda


If you are in the US or UK, please contact us at for information on tax exemption. Financial and progress reports will be shared with all supporters.

How is the money spent?

Your money will be used to purchase supplementary food supplies to provide IDPs with nutritious meals, non-food relief items (e.g. clothing, buckets, basic hygiene supplies and other items necessary for daily life) and to support our efforts to transport clean water to the camps and run food programs.

Is my money going to be used correctly?

YES! Sewalanka has more than 15 years of experience delivering high-quality programs and relief activities in Sri Lanka. All money donated to the Sewalanka IDP Emergency Appeal Fund is kept in a dedicated account and monitored from our head office. All expenditures from this account will go towards supporting our emergency relief efforts in the north.

For more information on the emergency appeal to support families displaced by war in the north, please contact For information on other initiatives, please contact