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Be vigilant Rain multiply Dengue Breeding areas

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The highest death toll due to dengue has been reported from the Colombo District states the Ministry of Health. According to the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry in the month of April up to date 716 cases have been reported. In the year 2011 from January to date out of 3784 dengue cases 32 dengue related deaths have been reported.

The increase in the spread of the dengue virus is due to the commencement of the inter monsoon season . “When the rains come, the breeding areas tend to multiply, that is when we need to be extra-vigilant," said Health Ministry sources.

It was also emphasised that anything that holds water - jars, buckets, flower vases, plant saucers and even discarded yoghurt cups - are breeding grounds for dengue mosquitoes and as such the public to be more vigilant on these items.