Anti-Dengue programme held at Kilinochchi school

from Government of Sri Lanka
Published on 09 Nov 2017 View Original

Sri Lanka Army troops in Kilinochchi provided assistance to conduct a cleanup prgramme at the Kariyalanagapadduvan Tamil Mixed School in Kilinochchi on Monday (06th November). This initiative was taken as part of the anti- Dengue programme conducted by the troops in the region. With the wake of the monsoons the deadly disease has seen a rise and taking the lead, troops under Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) launched this self-help cleanup programme to rid the school of mosquito breeding places.

The programme saw a group of thirty Army personnel together with the teachers, students and their parents work together to collect garbage, clean the drain system and destroy mosquito breeding spots inside the school compound.

This is one of the many social welfare projects initiated by the security forces in the North and East to uplift the living standards of the local populace.