Sri Lanka

AMDA Emergency Relief #2 and 3: Emergency Medical Relief for Flood Victims in Sri Lanka

In response to the flooding occurred in the north provinces of Sri Lanka on 21st December, AMDA Sri Lanka launched emergency relief in Kilinochchi*, one of the northern provinces of the country, on 24th jointly with St. John Ambulance Sri Lanka. The first team (AMDA Sri Lanka and St. John Ambulance Sri Lanka) conducted relief activities at the evacuation center in Kandavalai Village of Kilinochchi, where 197 people have been evacuated. The team transferred 9 patients to Kilinochchi District General Hospital as medical aid and distributed relief goods (197 floor mats, 25 packs of baby formula, 100 packs of biscuits, 10 bottles of five-liter water, and 100 packs of dried noodles) to the affected people in the center. On 30th, the team returned to its base in Colombo, the southern part of Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, the AMDA nurse together with AMDA Sri Lanka purchased school supplies such as some notebooks, pencils, erasers, pairs of scissors, schoolbags, which were planned to later offer to children in Kilinochchi on 30th . On the following 31st , the second relief team, consisting of AMDA Sri Lanka, St. John Ambulance Sri Lanka and the AMDA nurse, departed Colombo for Kilinochchi to provide further relief activities in the area. Purchasing more relief supplies (some water bottles, lunchboxes, mosquito nets, pairs of shoes for children) on the way, the team finally reached Kilinochchi after 12-hour drive.

*Kilinochchi is one area where the AMDA peace-building program has taken place. During the ceasefire of the Sri Lankan civil war, AMDA conducted the program from 2003 to 2006 via emergency medical relief in three regions where each of the three opposing ethnic groups lived.
AMDA continues to carry out this program as an exchange program for the next generation

Also on the 27th, under initiatives of Dr.Sarath Samarage, AMDA Sri Lanka Chapter Chairperson, conducted emergency relief for the affected people in the northern Sri Lankan province of Kilinochchi, together with St. John Ambulance Sri Lanka. There is an area where some 10 evacuation camps are concentrated, and the joint team distributed floor mats to roughly 100 evacuees at one location. At the same time, the team supporter emergency medical relief. While there were few external injuries, a large number of patients had respiratory diseases.

On the 28th, the AMDA nurse from Japan arrived and joined with the AMDA Sri Lanka team in Colombo to discuss the state of the affected areas and possible relief activities in Kilinochchi.
Although water in parts of the affected areas has receded, those in areas that remain flooded have no choice but to continue evacuating. Shops, etc. are slowly starting to reopen.

On the 29th, the team purchased relief goods to be distributed in Kilinochchi. Today, the 30th, the team will purchase additional necessary relief supplies upon request by the local people.
According to Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre, as of 29th Dec., two deaths have been confirmed, 4,627 people from 1,431 households are still evacuating, and a total of 124,891 people from 40,064 households have been affected by this disaster. In Kilinochchi, there are up to 3,500 evacuees and 80,000 people affected.