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AMDA Conducted a Free Dental Camp and Health Education in remote part of Sri Lanka

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AMDA conducted a mobile Dental camp and Hygiene education in the outskirts of Badulla district in April. The mission was conducted at Polgahaarawa School in Arawa a remote hill area of Sri Lanka and where students and teachers have to walk about 3km to access any road transportation. Most of the people in this region are crop-farmers and cattle grazers in the mountain and live under the lower income bracket.

AMDA joined hands with the Department of Dental Health services (DDHS), Badulla to complete this task. Around 25 staff members from Badulla hospital participated in the mission under the guidance of the Regional Dental Surgeon Dr. A.J. B. Croos. Authorities from the ministry of health at different levels came to start the program and gave their supporting words at the beginning.

Students from the school made a welcome corridor all along the path the leads to the school building and welcomed the guests from AMDA and the ministry of health. Economic conditions of many students were apparent from many bare-feet, rubber slippers and worn-out shoes.

The program started with an opening ceremony followed by free breakfast meal for the students. AMDA also organized to give many health education items and sports goods as donation for the school and students. Students also received toothpaste and brush after a demonstration on proper brushing techniques.

The dental camp and health education was held on the 7th of April and it was the first time for that school to have such event in a long time. Most of the students seem to have the dental checkup done for the first time in their life. As expected there were a lot of filling and excavation has to be done at the clinic. The whole team dived into 3 groups and worked on the children depending on their age and nature of treatments.

There were about 150 students and 25 teachers who received the free checkup and treatments. Some of the parents who accompanied the younger students also benefited from the camp. The Mission lasted whole day and was completed at around 4 pm.

At the end of the program the community members, parents and the principal of the school conveyed they gratitude for AMDA and its services for their children. They also appreciated the many items such as Recycle bins, Soccer balls, Cricket Bat and tools, water purifier (to name a few) donated by AMDA. Some of the chief guests from the ministry of health also requested AMDA, if possible, to provide the children with proper footwear.