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WFP South Sudan Situation Report #27, 14 May 2014

Situation Report
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  • Based on the IPC analysis released this week, about 3.9 million people are projected to be in emergency or crisis levels of food insecurity by August. WFP plans to increase its EMOP response to 2 million people, supplemented by 1.2 million people to be assisted under the PRRO. WFP is able to scale up to this level of response subject to the required additional resources being provided by donors in the next few weeks.

  • Despite logistical challenges due to bad weather conditions, the delivery of food to the refugee camps in Maban County has continued over the last week, enabling a further five day food ration from 12 May. The supply of life-saving food assistance to Maban is currently performed by air from different locations, including Gambella, Juba and Wau. The airlift capacity is expected to improve with the positioning of an aircraft in Asosa, Ethiopia, which is better located for the supply of aviation fuel.

  • In addition to air operations, the movement of barges along the Nile, both from Juba and the north, remains a key priority for WFP, which is actively seeking a formal confirmation from the national authorities.

  • A Special Operation for USD 17 million has been approved to augment air capacity and procure additional air assets by the end of May. This will allow WFP to further scale up its operations and compensate for the lack of road access caused by heavy rains.

  • Due to the continuing military action and airstrip conditions affected by the recent rains, all flights to Bentiu (Unity) have been suspended over the last few days, delaying the delivery of cargo.

  • As of 13 May, five mobile distribution teams are on the ground in Lankien, Pibor, Motot, Old Fangak and Ganyel.