WFP South Sudan’s Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) Factsheet, May 2018

from World Food Programme
Published on 16 May 2018

Although insecurity prevails in many parts of South Sudan, there are clear pockets of stability where a resilience building and livelihoods approach is essential to strengthening local communities’ and farmers’ capacities. In these areas, WFP is implementing Food Assistance for Assets (FFA) to meet short term hunger gaps while helping households build resilience against future shocks and stresses.

In South Sudan, the FFA programme focuses on asset creation activities that enhance food availability—such as crop farms and vegetable gardens—and food access—such as community access roads.

In 2018, the FFA programme has been scaled up to serve almost 630,000 people across all regions of the country. The growth of the programme reflects community interest in being supported to rebuild their own livelihoods and to grow their own food, as well as WFP’s interest in moving away from unconditional assistance, where feasible, and supporting community-led resilience building.

2017 Achievements

450,000 people supported through FFA

11,000 metric tonnes (mt) of food assistance distributed

US$ 4.7 million in cash based transfers

24,715 hectares of crop farms and 466 kilometres of roads built

67,215 people provided with skills development training