Wau PoC IOM Cash-Based Intervention (CBI) January - March 2017

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Cash-Based Intervention in Wau PoC

The Protection of Civilian (PoC) site in Wau was established in June 2016 as a result of intensified fighting in the country’s northwestern region prompting tens of thousands to flee their homes in search of refuge. By the end of 2016, six months after the arrival of the first family, more than 30,000 IDPs were living on less than 100,000m2 in what remains the most congested PoC in South Sudan.

Between January and March 2017 IOM South Sudan constructed 176 robust communal shelters and implemented a Cash-Based Intervention (CBI) in the PoC. The interventions delivered housing-solutions to 6,480 IDPs and further improved the living conditions of beneficiaries by incentivizing them to undertake a series of shelter-upgrades providing increased residential security, protection from wind and water intrusion and a sense of home in the midst of crisis.

What is a Cash-Based Intervention?

Cash-Based Intervention can be seen as a complement to in-kind assistance that transfers decision-making power away from humanitarian organizations and into the hands of crisis-affected populations through direct distribution of money or vouchers. CBI is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective means of responding to humanitarian needs that simultaneously carries the potential of producing positive multiplier effects such as boosting local economies, lowering logistical costs and promoting ownership and resilience within the target community.

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