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Warrap NGOs learn about access to justice

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15 May 2015 - Educating Warrap State residents about access to justice, fair trials and other legal matters, UNMISS held a one-day workshop in the capital Kuajok.

The workshop brought together 25 participants from six Warrap counties, who were mainly drawn from local non-governmental organizations working with justice issues.

UNMISS Warrap State Coordinator Abraham Onifade said the training, which focused on human rights, gender sensitiveness, court proceedings and legal aid, was a key step forward for justice in the state.

“We were able to talk to the participants … (about) the rule of law, the importance of justice and the linkages between justice and security,” Mr. Onifade said. “We also tried to link security and development.”

Participant Akok Mayar Ariech said the training would allow him to sensitize her community in Gogrial on basic legal matters as well as peace and development.

“If a paralegal finds people fighting, immediately he will go and report this case to the police, Mr. Ariech said. “If the police come, this can solve the problem between the people, so that maybe the fighting will not (go further).”

Another participant, Willima MaborAchiek, said he understood from the workshop that civil society had a role to play in providing legal information as paralegals and help with security in the country.

“I recommend that our country should observe as a country … rule of law, not rule by law but the rule of law,” Mr. Achiek said. “What I mean is that … our country should … make the constitution supreme.”