South Sudan

UNICEF South Sudan Country Office Rapid Response Team Report, 28th Feb - 6 March 2015


Sites visited: Nyanapal village

Information and Data collected

General Information

Number of registered people: 25,549
Number of households: N/A
Total number of children under five (if available): 6,115
Total number of children under 18 years (if available): N/A

Humanitarian situation and needs (IDPs, last time they received support, who is in control of the area etc.):

Nyanapal Boma is considered as a safe haven for internally displaced persons (IDPs) who moved due to the conflict. Several waves of displacement occurred from December 2013 until recently and, along with the host community, IDPs from Malakal, Kaldak, Pigi, and other lcoations are now living in Nyanapal.

While the area did not receive any humanitarian assistance for years, several stakeholders have started to operate in Nyanapal since the completion of an IRNA in January 2015. MSF conducted an assessment from 23 January to 1 February. An OPD was set up with consultations ongoing for 3 days. Medair also reached the area for an assessment of nutrition needs (27-31 January) and was on the ground to plan a Non-Food Items (NFIs) distribution during UNICEF mission. Medair is operating with PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action) and CMD, both focusing on WASH and hygiene promotion. UNICEF RRM mission was jointly conducted with WFP (and their partner CRS) which completed a Global Food Distribution (GFD) for 25,549 people.